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5 Things Leaders Should Consider Before Using Personality Tests

2023_Week 4 - Live
"…An assessment cannot create community or psychological safety. It's important to create opportunities for colleagues to connect and learn about each other."

Last week I co-hosted an audio event with Ama Nyame-Mensah, Ph.D., focused on personality tests and how assessments can be used in hiring, coaching, and development.

Thank you, Indra A. Books, Jaki Wasike-Sihanya, Nadia Saleh, Pushkraj Deshpande, Arnold Buoro, and Magriet Mouton, for your contributions.

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Three Things Most Leaders Get Wrong about Goal Setting

2023_Week 3 - Live

Most of us are in the middle of conducting appraisals, setting goals, and updating our strategy for the year.

All of these involve setting expectations. 

Last week I hosted an audio event focused on goal setting and how goals can help us focus and filter.

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These are three mistakes we tend to make when setting expectations for ourselves AND others:

  1. We are terrible at planning and cannot predict the future. As a result, we tend to underestimate how …

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10 Leadership Trends to Watch in 2023

Week 2 - Live

The pandemic completely changed leadership and employee-employer relations.

Last week I hosted an audio event focused on the trends leaders should keep in mind this year to improve retention and increase profits.

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Here are the top 10 trends shared:

  1. Hybrid Leadership: Leaders must know how to be visible AND create psychological safety in remote and in-person environments.
  2. Values-Based Leadership: Leaders must create opportunities and spaces for emp…

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