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Storytelling in the Workplace- Debunking the Myths

2023- Week 24- Audio Event- Jennifer Samuel-Chance

"Storytelling is the powerful bridge that connects the speaker, the audience, and the message, creating a trifecta of connection, persuasion, and influence."

--Jennifer Samuel-Chance, Storytelling Coach

I had the incredible opportunity to speak with Jennifer Samuel-Chance, a seasoned storytelling coach. Our conversation last Friday was nothing short of enlightening as we delved into the transformative power of storytelling in the workplace.

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The Helper's Paradox- When Helping Hurts

2023-Week 22-Audio Event-Wil Carlos
"The world does not need any more obligated helpers and healers. We've got enough. We need our healers and helpers that are coming from joy, choice, and contribution.”

--Wil Carlos, Visibility and Business Coach

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of hosting an enlightening discussion with Wil Carlos, a business coach with a spiritual twist. Our conversation centered around the Helper’s Paradox- unraveling its essence and exploring its implications for service providers.

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Corporate Culture and Wellness: Finding Common Ground (Part III)

2023- Audio Event- Week 25- Dr Alex Rosa

"Female leaders are exceptional at breaking barriers and leading the way, but often at a cost. I speak from personal experience when I say that prioritizing our health is essential. We push ourselves to be examples, to break generational cycles, but we must remember not to neglect our own well-being. Let's make the necessary changes before it's too late, taking charge of our health, our decisions, and ultimately, how they impact every aspect of our lives.

--Dr Alex Rosa, Functional Medicine P…

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Sponsorship and Networking for Leadership and Career Growth: Tools for Workplace Success

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“...We cannot think that the way forward to get more sales or clients will be to sit down in front of them and have a one-sided conversation as we used to in the past. Now you have to get the person invested in you from the time you open your mouth to introduce what it is you do.”

--Oluwatoyin Ademola, Transformational Strategist

Last Friday, I had a great conversation with Oluwatoyin Ademola, a growth expert and creator of the  V.A.T.O.R.™ Pitch. We had a great conversation about sponsorshi…

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Inclusive Leadership and Culture Transformation: Why it Starts at the Top

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“...When I'm referring to inclusive leadership, I am talking about leading in a way that acknowledges the individual ideas and perspectives of a multitude of people. This is leadership that fully recognizes and appreciates diversity of thought and perspectives. And it actively seeks out and invites those new perspectives and voices and contributions into how we reach team goals, vision, and mission.”

--Marie Deveaux , Inclusive Leadership Coach

Last Friday, I had a great conversation with Ma…

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Is Your Organization Inclusive and Accessible?- Why Universal Access should be Top of Mind

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…”Leaders need to be a lot more targeted when it comes to accessibility considerations... In accessibility considerations, you need to bring the people that you're designing for in to have a conversation about what works for them.”

-- Ngozi Ugoji , Accessibility, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant 

A few days ago, I had a great conversation with Ngozi Ugoji, a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant who also happens to be a certified Project Manager and qualified Architect. We c…

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DEI in International Development- What Can and Should Be Done?

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"… If you want to actually have equity be something that's a lifestyle, you need to live out to the simple values that you've set, and then continuously do what you've always known to do. Which is to make sure you humanize the people, keeping the big picture, in sight as well as the small picture."

-- Tayo Rockson , Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Thought Leader

A few days ago, I chatted with diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leader Tayo Rockson. We spoke about pay scales, compen…

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People-First, Health-First Leadership- Are corporate and wellness compatible?

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I think we've all grown new muscles in our empathy toolbox. I think we we've learned to be much more empathetic and open to the experience that sometimes, whether it's emotional, physical, mental, we need to take time off and we need to attend to our own mental health needs.

-- Rachel Kanarowski Founder, Year of Living Better

May is Mental Health Awareness month and to commemorate that, we continued our conversation on workplace and corporate wellness with Lauren ‘LC’ Wells and Rachel Kan…

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LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ACROSS THE WORLD🌎: Building Leaders of all Levels and Ages

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Leadership can be either bad or good. You can be effective at leading people to certain aims, but we want good leadership. Good leadership is leading people towards a goal that has a common benefit.

Segun Olagunju,  Social impact educator and Leadership development guide.

A few days ago, I had a very interesting conversation with Segun Olagunju about leadership development across the world, the core elements of successful leadership, building leaders across all levels and ages, and muc…

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Executive presence is about your ability to inspire confidence. Inspiring confidence in your subordinates that you're leading,...stakeholders,  managing above, managing below, managing across…

-- Kelly Lynn Adams, Executive Business and Life Coach.

A few days ago, I had a very insightful conversation with Kelly Lynn Adams about executive and leadership presence; what it is, why leaders need it, what mistakes leaders make and how to avoid them, and so much more.

[Listen to our entire con…

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