Sponsorship and Networking for Leadership and Career Growth: Tools for Workplace Success

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“...We cannot think that the way forward to get more sales or clients will be to sit down in front of them and have a one-sided conversation as we used to in the past. Now you have to get the person invested in you from the time you open your mouth to introduce what it is you do.”

--Oluwatoyin Ademola, Transformational Strategist

Last Friday, I had a great conversation with Oluwatoyin Ademola, a growth expert and creator of the  V.A.T.O.R.™ Pitch. We had a great conversation about sponsorship and networking as career growth tools.

[Listen to our entire conversation about Sponsorship and Networking here]

We had an engaging discussion that encompassed a range of interesting questions and compelling topics:

  1. Which is the most essential thing to have in the workplace? A mentor, sponsor, or friend? Toyin highlights the major differences between sponsors and mentors- how sponsors give capital while mentors provide value [Listen at 3:55]
  2. How can people find a sponsor? Toyin explains the two types of organizational currencies- Performance currency and Relationship currency and why they are both critical [Listen at 9:37]
  3. The V.A.T.O.R Pitch Approach. Toyin takes us through the concept and defines it as business influencing reinvented for our time and the future [Listen at 22:03]
  1. How do you improve your networking skills? Toyin explains that networking should focus on creating quality connections and providing value, leveraging past experiences and expertise. [Listen at 46:26]

[Listen to the full conversation here]

P.S. In order to coach others, you first have to be able to coach yourself. In this episode, Akua dives deeper into the engagement pillar of her three-step leadership framework. Learn the types of questions that lead to effective engagement with team members or employees. Listen to my latest podcast episode here.

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