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Self-Awareness - The Key to Success


One key thing I teach my clients is:

People do things for their own reasons.

Not yours.

If you want to get better at engaging with others, you must first increase your ability to understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as recognize your emotions and the effect they have on you and others.

This is also known as self-awareness, and it is a core component of emotional intelligence.

I wanted to share five resources to help you build your self-awareness in the new year:

  1. Review your...

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Where's Your Head At?

Where is your head at.png

One of the first things you learn in coaching (and when you get older) is that our minds are amazing. 

Your mind can really make or break you.  

Like everything is in our head. 

You are what you think.

In order to grow past where you are, you have to be willing to push the limits of your mindset.

I have spent most of the last few months consuming everything Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) related and wanted to share a few of my favorite things I have found...

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Is Your Summer Is Skipping By?

1 (1).png

So I skipped one month (not sure if you noticed) but for a good cause. Over June and July, I have been working on identifying my niche and coming up with new marketing and branding messages. I put together a short Instagram post about how challenging it can be to build a service-based business and settle down and pick an ideal client.

Have experience building a niche for a service-based business? If you have any advice or thoughts, I would LOVE to hear from you.

I will be...

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May In Review – Creating Your Own Success


“How have you been complicit in creating the conditions you say you don’t OR do want?”

This is my take on one of my recent favorite quotes. I heard a version of it while I was listening to a Tim Ferris podcast and thought that this particular guest was super insightful. Warning: the podcast is two hours of a conversation that includes a coaching demo and the benefits of journaling.

Last month I mentioned that I would share some of the partnerships I have been working on. I...

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April Update: How Is Your To-Do List Going?


What did you get up to last month?  Have you taken a second to reflect? Did you achieve everything you wanted? I’m a to-do list type of person. I make lists and lists and try to check off as much as possible.  I’ve gotten better at not being upset at myself for not getting everything done. My goal for April was to make the most of my current network and start building partnerships. I look forward to sharing some of my lessons soon.

My favorite part of this month was...

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March-Ing Into April


I spent most of last month away from my comfortable bed. As useful and important as my travels were, I prefer being in my space and not missing all the fun things happening in Lagos.

What I missed: stalking these amazing Women in Tech

I’m still super sad I wasn’t able to make it to this fantastic exhibition in Lagos celebrating diversity in tech. If you weren’t able to make it like me, you can still read the profiles of the ladies on the exhibition website.   Fun...

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February Was Waaaaay Too Short

2 (1).png

My first weekend in March was spent running around on artificial turf and attempting to catch odd shaped balls.  One of my favorite parts of living in Lagos right now is having the opportunity to play flag football.  It is also the reason why I am currently sore.

The best part of playing flag football is the people.  You can’t win by yourself, just like you can’t run a business or lead your life without having people to lean on.


What I’ve been...

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January In Review: Four Months In


Newsflash, I left my last job about four months ago and have been having a blast building new projects, relationships and seeing what sticks.

According to my Google Maps creepy activity log, I have walked more than 4km with my phone on me and spent more than 60 hours in a vehicle in January.  My phone, unfortunately, doesn’t count the countless hours I spend behind my dining room table working.

Customer Segments Workshop - What have I been working on?

In addition to...

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