Is Your Organization Inclusive and Accessible?- Why Universal Access should be Top of Mind

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…”Leaders need to be a lot more targeted when it comes to accessibility considerations... In accessibility considerations, you need to bring the people that you're designing for in to have a conversation about what works for them.”

-- Ngozi Ugoji , Accessibility, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consultant 

A few days ago, I had a great conversation with Ngozi Ugoji, a diversity, equity, and inclusion consultant who also happens to be a certified Project Manager and qualified Architect. We chatted about accessibility, working from home, open-plan offices, and much more.

[Listen to our entire conversation about Universal Access here]

Here are some interesting questions and topics we discussed:

  1. How do organizations encourage women to come back to the workplace after childbirth? Ngozi shares some helpful tips for organizations, including providing facilities like playpens, caregivers, etc. [Listen at 6:42]
  2. The pros and cons of open plan offices. Ngozi talks about the importance of design arrangements in employee productivity [Listen at 21:10]
  3. Managing the cost of running a business while working remotely. Ngozi discusses remote work and energy consumption during COVID-19 and how even after the pandemic, organizations should consider the benefits they provide to employees. [Listen at 25:44]
  4. What should companies be doing to help remote employees? Ngozi advises leaders to start by providing options (like generating sets) to employees who live in locations with unstable power supply.  [Listen at 31:48]

[Listen to the full conversation here]

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