The Helper's Paradox- When Helping Hurts

2023-Week 22-Audio Event-Wil Carlos
"The world does not need any more obligated helpers and healers. We've got enough. We need our healers and helpers that are coming from joy, choice, and contribution.”

--Wil Carlos, Visibility and Business Coach

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of hosting an enlightening discussion with Wil Carlos, a business coach with a spiritual twist. Our conversation centered around the Helper’s Paradox- unraveling its essence and exploring its implications for service providers.

[Listen to our entire conversation about the Helper’s Paradox here]

Our conversation covered some very interesting topics and questions:

    1. What is the helper’s paradox? Wil emphasizes the detrimental impact of approaching helping from a place of need and how this can hinder the healing of both the individual and the planet. [Listen at 6:02]
    2. The first steps to take when you’re struggling with the paradox- Wil dives into the pillars of the impostor complex- Procrastination, overwhelm, people-pleasing, and more  [Listen at 8:03]
    3. How boundaries influence the helper’s paradox - Wil emphasizes the significance of healthy boundaries to avoid burnout and maintain well-being. Listen at 12:07]
    4.  How to identify and clear limiting beliefs - He shares on how to identify specific negative voices and clear them energetically. He also walks us through a quick demonstration of how his process works [Listen at 15:19]
    5. The three major relationships - Wil identifies three major relationships that are crucial for business success: relationship with oneself, relationship with the world (visibility and work in the world), and relationship with God (or a divine/universal understanding). [Listen at 44:17]

[Listen to the full conversation here]

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