Inclusive Leadership and Culture Transformation: Why it Starts at the Top

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“...When I'm referring to inclusive leadership, I am talking about leading in a way that acknowledges the individual ideas and perspectives of a multitude of people. This is leadership that fully recognizes and appreciates diversity of thought and perspectives. And it actively seeks out and invites those new perspectives and voices and contributions into how we reach team goals, vision, and mission.”

--Marie Deveaux , Inclusive Leadership Coach

Last Friday, I had a great conversation with Marie Deveaux, an inclusive leadership coach and consultant. We chatted about empathy-mongering, consciousness in leadership, quitting, and more. 

[Listen to our entire conversation about Inclusive Leadership here]

Here are some interesting questions and topics we covered:

  1. What made you step into entrepreneurship? Marie shares why she chose to become an entrepreneur instead of choosing an ‘easier way out’ [Listen at 3:35]
  2. What is workplace trauma and bullying? Marie defines workplace bullying as actions taken by those who you work with to exclude you in ways that leave you feeling less than or otherwise demeaned in the workplace [Listen at 5:40]
  3. Her perspective on quitting?  Marie shares why she chose to ‘quit out loud’ instead of quiet quitting [Listen at 18:12]
  4.  Why collaboration over competition always wins and, and how we can incorporate more humaneness into how we show up. Marie explains how collaboration can be used to achieve exponential results. [Listen at 28:32]
  5. What is empathy mongering and its importance in relation to consciousness and leadership? Marie defines empathy-mongering as people weaponizing empathy and emotions to bend others to their will. [Listen at 32:49]

[Listen to the full conversation here]

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