LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT ACROSS THE WORLD🌎: Building Leaders of all Levels and Ages

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Leadership can be either bad or good. You can be effective at leading people to certain aims, but we want good leadership. Good leadership is leading people towards a goal that has a common benefit.

Segun Olagunju,  Social impact educator and Leadership development guide.

A few days ago, I had a very interesting conversation with Segun Olagunju about leadership development across the world, the core elements of successful leadership, building leaders across all levels and ages, and much more.

[Listen to our entire conversation about leadership development here

Here are five questions Segun answered during the course of our conversation:

  1. Is there anything unique about African leadership? Segun answers the question and shares his definitions of good leadership and toxic leadership. [Listen at 8:22]
  2. What are the different types of leadership styles? Segun talks about the difference between leadership skills and developing the leader [Listen at 12:18]
  3. What are some of the core elements of a successful leadership program? Segun shares his perspective [Listen at 22:31]
  4. What is the difference between ‘guiding’ and coaching? Segun defines both terms and shares his personal experiences. [Listen at 28:55]
  5. How do we instill confidence and build leadership skills in young Africans? Segun shares his advice with young aspiring African leaders [Listen at 57:34]

Is leadership the same everywhere?  Let us know your thoughts below 👇🏽

[Listen to the full conversation here]

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