“If I need to ‘get things’ done, Akua is my ‘go-to’ coach. I come to Akua because I know that with her, I will leave with a clear action plan that I am willing and excited (maybe scared) to pursue.  Consider selecting Akua as a coach if you are stuck and need to move forward. She is focused, creative and a ninja-coach."

Marlene P. Lowe, Leadership Coach & Consultant


“The specific results I saw in my team members after the coaching were:

  1. My team members were more prepared to do a performance review with me, and

  2. It felt easier to align company and team goals with their personal goals.

While as a company we have always believed in coaching, one of my main concerns with signing members of my team up for coaching was the inability to see the specific way that it would lead to impact.  I can see from the results as a team manager that my team members are more aligned and more accountable for their success.”

David Yen, Head of Strategic Growth, BitPesa


“Akua is an amazing and a motivating coach. I met her during our coach training programme and I have observed how she has transformed into a confident, direct and passionate coach. Her passion for coaching is evident in her consistent desire to help her colleagues and clients as well as her consistency in developing and growing her knowledge especially in this field that is ever growing with research. She is very active in the International Coach Federation Nigeria Chapter and her presence has been felt across the Chapter, despite recently joining. I am really happy that our paths have crossed and I continue to look forward to further enhancing our relationship.”

Sochi K. Ilomechina, Managing Director and Lead Coach, TBA Consults


“I think a lot of people underestimate the importance of thinking out loud with someone who is not biased and doesn't know you…From the session, I got an action plan on how I'm going to change my decision-making process and some great reflective questions that I can use daily.  After completing the session, I felt quite energized and clear-headed. Akua is a great person to think out loud with and a great listener.”

Arielle Nkanika Umwiza, Marketing and Communications Associate, ALU School of Business


“The three words I would use to describe Akua's coaching is positive, proactive and energising.   I found my coaching sessions with Akua to be useful for accountability. Akua asked proactive questions which highlighted to me the next steps I needed to begin making as well as aspects I had already considered but not yet acted on. It was great to have this friendly voice keeping me to account!  Working with Akua energised me - giving me some of the necessary momentum and direction I needed to begin making some pretty life-altering decisions. Consider choosing her as a coach if you are… looking for an encouraging and proactive voice to keep you accountable.”

Mary Brace


“From Akua’s coaching, I got tips for goal setting and prioritizing goals, for assessing impact and addressing the 'why' behind my goals and plans.  If you are thinking of working with Akua I would suggest you clarify your expectations of the coaching relationship and to get ready to pull your weight as opposed to leaving unknowns for her to figure out.  I would recommend Akua’s coaching because I enjoyed working with her and think she offers immense value especially for individuals who need help with goal-setting and managing productivity.”

Yewande Marquis


“From the session, I received Insights on what other teams are doing to motivate their team members. And the need to bond more.  My favorite part of the session was that it was interactive. I would recommend Akua’s coaching because it is eye-opening, you realize the need to talk to someone and you get more insights on what makes folks tick.”

David Doe, Jumia Ghana, Jumia Manager Group Coaching Session


“As with most things, the answers to your questions or problems lie with you. All you need is a little direction from a great coach. What I enjoyed most about the session was the unobtrusive way she questioned and drew my attention to things. I would recommend coaching to anyone who can afford it. It helps provide guidance when making decisions.”

P. T., Business & Communications Professional


As a result of coaching, I realized I was on the right path in achieving my dream goals and that my inability to secure a job isn't due to lack of experience as I have assumed. What I liked most about the session was the openness of the conversation and that I had the opportunity to freely express myself.

E. O.


“Akua has been invaluable in my quest to gain confidence in compensation negotiation. She provokes you until you realize that the answers to your queries are within you. She is a strategist and uses tactics...to bring out clarity...your...desires, [something] that is often hard to realize on your own...

I could go on and on with superlatives, but suffice it to say that if you are looking for a coach to learn from about...compensation negotiation, career goals, interview skills, CV writing, and professional conduct look no further than Akua Nyame-Mensah.”

S. G.


“The session was extremely beneficial to me. I particularly appreciated the resources and articles shared, which enabled me to gather evidence on tried-and-tested techniques. The coach shared her own personal experiences and examples, this made it very easy to relate with her and also helped me feel more relaxed and open. I would absolutely recommend coaching, it is a great boost, regardless of where you are in your career. It helps you to think about various perspectives which you may not have considered previously. “

P. B.


“Coaching has been an interesting journey of discovering myself and finding some clarity around my personal challenges. I liked the questions asked, I found them relevant and I felt that the coach was really paying attention to me. Her encouragement was very helpful and she created a safe environment for me to safely acknowledge and face my uncertainties. I would recommend coaching to someone who is uncertain about the trajectory of his/her career and who is open to sharing his/her personal challenges.”

A. N.


“Coaching helped me put together an actionable plan for my career in short, medium and long term. I enjoyed the brainstorming and discussions the most. I would recommend coaching because it helps you get a direction.”

E. B.


“Sessions with Akua were very interesting as her questions helped me to become more self-aware. She has a way of making me feel comfortable, at the same time think deep. This has enabled me to come up with actionable options of a way forward in any area I am experiencing a block…”

Adetoro C.


Leadership Masterclass Participants: Workshop focused on helping participants engage better and motivate their teams.

“I was not sure what to expect and if it would be valuable, but the key messages are simple yet impactful. Sharing experiences with professionals from industries outside my sphere including creative and tech was my favorite part of the session.”

Yetunde Oladeji, PwC, Associate Director

“From the session, I learned the importance of remembering that my employees aren't me and setting clear expectations from the beginning. My favorite part of the session was exchanging opinions and ideas with other participants. If you are thinking about attending a session with Akua, I would suggest you do it! Her leadership masterclass was quite interactive, insightful, and laid back as well.”

Chuey Chu, Head of Creative Content, The Medium

“The discussions with people from various fields giving feedback on how we see the same situation differently was great. Her session reminds you of methods you have forgotten or may have not considered as a vital part of your company growth.”

Emeka Okocha, Nothing to do in Lagos, CEO


Workbox Leadership Series: Series of workshops, produced in partnership with the co-working space Workbox in Lagos, focused on leadership related topics including self-awareness.

“The specific insights I got from the session include to really think about what I’m doing, and valuing what I do in life and applying it to my work life as well. My favorite part of the session was being taught and learning to consider what I value. If you were to attend a value session being run by Akua you will have to you think about your future for real.”

Adé Ayedun, Intern, Lost in Lagos

“My main concern when signing up for Akua’s session was not being sure if it would be worth my time. From her value session, I learned of the importance of communicating my values to those I work with early in order to get the best possible working relationship. My favorite part of the session was listening to real-life experiences of fellow attendees. I would I definitely recommend her values-focused session, it was highly insightful.”

Folabi Kuti, WorkBox

“One insight I gained from the session was that your values to a large extent determine how people see you and if they would like to work with you. If you have a chance to attend a value-focused session run by Akua, I would recommend it because I found it worth it.”

Onome Otudje Oshoke, Office Administrator, Workbox

“I was invited and had no prior information about Akua’s value-focused session. My favorite part of the session was being able to identify my core values and recognizing how it affects my life’s vision. I would recommend attending a session by Akua because I believe it will give you a sense of direction when making life-changing decisions.”

Tonye Ozoya


“I had no concerns asking Akua to host a session for the Wine & Whine community.   Akua delivered the session with a lot of patience and guidance. She was very insightful and knowledgeable.  The session was perfect for my community and I would recommend that you attend one of her sessions if you have a chance.”

Damilola Odufuwa, Co-Founder, Wine & Whine


Akua and I worked closely together at Jumia House. She is a strong people leader with a rare talent for both crafting strategy and ensuring excellence in execution. Her collaborative communication style coupled with diligent work ethic makes her a highly valuable asset to growing organizations.  She brings vibrancy and integrity to her teams and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her skills to companies & individuals looking to find solutions to difficult problems and have a lasting impact on the world.

J. Allie Morse, Director, Launch & Expansion at Postmates


I have worked with Akua during her time at Jumia. For 4 years, we were sharing learnings while leading the growth of Classifieds platforms in the countries we were each responsible for.

Akua has shown outstanding leadership skills, and has been an inspiration for her grit and resilience. 

Leading diverse teams in Africa's most complex markets, she has a definite human approach to growing collaborators, but is also capable of taking tough business decisions when needed. She anticipates the implications on her teams, and leads personally business transitions to ensure they are smoothly executed. Always focused on doing what is right, she does not back away from delicate issues, but puts people at the heart of her strategy framework. In addition, Akua values conciseness and clarity in her communication, which allows her to address very different types of stakeholders.

Finally, she is a proven thought-leader with extensive operations experience. 

My favorite part of working with her were the feedback sessions we shared, and her capacity to articulate constructive advice, as well as seek criticism to grow in her professional life. 

I highly recommend anyone looking to set up or scale fast-paced businesses to reach out to Akua. Looking back, you will find it is the best decision you have taken for your project and to grow as a leader.

Gustave de Campigneulles, Managing Director, Classifieds Africa at Jumia Group


I've worked with Akua for three years at Jumia and she has made significant progress as a leader but also had a strong impact on the business. She started as Country Manager for our Real Estate Classifieds business in Ghana, building a successful business from scratch and ramping up all the key functions: marketing, operations, sales, product and building a strong team culture. After this first success, she was promoted to lead our classifieds business in Nigeria (real estate and car verticals) on top of Ghana. Later she successfully helped to sell both businesses to competitors and was instrumental in the transition due to her seniority and maturity.

What makes Akua stand according to me are her rare entrepreneurship skills: strong leadership skills, inspiring team management (followership built with team members is amazing) and a spike in marketing & communication. For instance, she was very strong in establishing our brand in the markets she operated through creative and well-executed offline marketing initiatives as well as public relations. 

As a country manager of multiple tech businesses across 2 countries, Akua has also learned and made strong progress on several key functions of a tech leader: online marketing, SEO, product improvement and business intelligence.

Eric Lauer, CEO Jumia Global, Jumia Group


I’ve known Akua for 5 years.  She was the Managing Director while I was working for Lamudi/ Jumia House.  I consider Akua’s strengths to be planning and great leadership. She is consistent in her work style and ethic.  While at Lamudi, one specific result she was able to deliver was giving us a path to follow to become successful in migrating the free platform to become a paid service. 

Akua has an amazing communication style.  From team meetings, to how emails should be drafted Akua will give you direct feedback and make it a point to ask how things are going and how you can help.

 I learnt a lot from working Akua including how to negotiate.  I enjoyed going to meetings with her and us presenting the company together.

 To get the most from Akua, you have to engage her. Ask questions and she will give you her honest feedback which will transform your career growth!

Felix Dugbartey, Head of Brokerage Services, Coldwell Banker Commercial Ghana


Akua and I used to be colleagues at Jumia Group. I’ve known her for over four years.  One of her strengths is her ability to guide people through their ‘mess.’ She helps people understand what they should be focusing on and how to move forward.  Akua also understands who is who, especially in the technology space where she is still active.

Since I have left Jumia, talking to Akua helps me sort through my ideas.  She gives me suggestions on who I should be networking with and how to approach them.   Having a conversation with Akua will help you bring out your thoughts and structure them.  She will provide you with alternative perspectives, tools, software, information and suggest people you can connect with.  

Akua is a highly ethical person... Even while at Jumia, I was impressed with Akua’s ability to handle issues that were not clear cut or straight forward. She would find a way to address it without compromising her values.   

Similar to what Akua was able to accomplish at Jumia, she continues to be able to provide value to different stakeholders through partnerships.  If it needs to be done, Akua will get it done, even if she does not get compensation for the service. 

Akua’s communication skills have come a long way...She has come to see the importance of the bigger picture and has always been effective at communicating what she was thinking, where she is coming from, what is expected of others, in addition to the overall goal.  Though she continues to keep people’s feelings in mind, she uses it to ensure her decision making and actions are hurting as few people as possible.

Akua does a good job of communicating what she wants and how something should be done.  She does it in a very professional and supportive way. For example, when she is working with someone, she will explain what needs to happen and model or teach that person directly.  In addition, she will back up the coaching with tools and information. If she has had a conversation with an employee, she will ensure she provides them with the feedback and what was discussed will be put in an email.  In addition, she will provide that person with a checklist or online tool to ensure that whatever was taught was absorbed. Akua always goes the extra mile to ensure that people have references to back up what was communicated or expected.  

My favorite part about being around Akua is that I am always learning something new.  Akua is always sharing things in passing and trying to help. She is always providing a new article, opportunity, sector news or tools.  For example, when I was looking for accounting software, she introduced me to Wave.

If you are thinking of working with Akua you should keep in mind that she doesn’t cut corners.  She has the energy to finish any project she starts but if you come in with bullshit, try to cut corners, do something substandard, ‘smush’ over the truth or play with numbers Akua is NOT your person.

Amara (Amy) Muoneke, Tech Entrepreneur & Business Strategist


In my almost two years of working with and reporting directly to Akua who was then Country Manager of Jumia Classifieds, I came to view her as an intelligent, systematic, strategic and inspiring individual. Working with Akua was a refreshing and rewarding experience because she not only cared about meeting company goals but also my personal growth. She had weekly check-ins not only to follow up on my work but to discuss articles, workshops or events she believed would help improve upon my skills. Despite her schedule, she was always readily available to give advice, answer questions and give feedback when needed. What I like the most about working with Akua was her mid-month check up on my KPI progress and if she noticed I was behind on tasks she would ask how best she could help in order to ensure by end of moth my KPI’s were met.  Anyone who has worked with Akua would agree that she is an efficient and effective communicator, an inspiring and pleasant person to work with “

Ohui A Kwao, Communications and Social Media Expert


I met Akua in June 2018 and I have been in regular contact with her since. We worked together at Haussmann Group, a design company located in Nairobi, Kenya. She was hired by Haussmann as West Africa regional manager, and spent a couple of months in Nairobi as part of her onboarding process. During this time, I worked with Akua on many topics and on a daily. Our tasks were essentially focused on human resources issues, including the onboarding process of the company or the writing of an employee manual.

Akua was very involved from day one, always showing great energy and positivity with the team. She naturally bonded with many employees demonstrating great social skills. Her experience and her ‘hands-on’ attitude were incredibly helpful in the tasks were worked on together, in a couple of weeks she managed to put together a complete employee manual although she had just joined the company. Later, she took the lead on a beautiful internal newsletter that helped bring the team together.

On a personal level, I connected very well with Akua’s working style. She has great communication skills; she was always willing to share her knowledge and insights with me or our colleagues. I loved working in groups or duos with her, as she usually was a driving force, while always valuing one’s opinion and work. She adapted to each and everyone’s personality, making sure that the work she would do with someone was the most efficient but also the most enjoyable for her counterpart. Akua is a terrific listener, she was always willing to lend an ear for me, while never trying to influence my decisions in any way.

Akua holds her values at her very high level, and I respect her a lot for this reason. She demonstrated high ethical standards from the start, not hesitating to speak out against management if she felt that the company’s direction or actions were contradicting her values. To me, the values that reflected in her actions were transparency, honesty, kindness and trust.

200% would recommend! Akua is highly dedicated to others and to giving the best she can. She is also great fun to be around!

Mateo Blanc, Business Developer at Ignition Program


I have known Akua for about a year now. I first met her during her final interview stage when she visited Kenya to meet the team for Haussmann Group. On the first day, we knew that we had to have her join the team as she showed signs of great leadership and confidence.

The first few months of her joining the team, she was working remotely as the Country Manager for all our West Africa operations. At that time we never really interacted until 5 months later when she came back to Kenya for the team building trip. I got know Akua the person, not just the colleague. She showed great leadership, including making sure we stayed on track for the team building even though we were at the beach, supporting fellow colleagues and conflict management.

Akua is immensely intelligent, which meant we could broach any subject matter with great intellect, and yet she was equally humorous and very easy going. During my interactions with Akua, I would say skills are definitely her creative & organisational skills. Her independence also compliments her leadership skills.

When Akua joined the company, I would say that we had no structured way of communicating within the different departments in different countries. She managed to streamline the communication templates that were needed for us to have a clear view of every department deliverables and KPIs.

Kgalalelo Mosime, Head of Interior Design & New Business Lead for Southern Africa, Haussmann Group


I have known Akua for close to 5 years, and during that period she has been my boss, my mentor, my friend, and my go-to person. Her strengths are in leadership. She's a strong and passionate leader who's interested in the development of the team or individual she works with. Akua believes strongly that anything can be achieved if everyone works to their full ability.

 Akua always professionally approaches her work. I have seen Akua contribute to the real estate industry in Ghana by reducing information asymmetry problems in the industry. In terms of team management, I found her style allowed me to be able to express myself freely. She was always asking my opinion about things rather than command or impose her thoughts.

My favorite part of working with Akua was how she allowed us to brainstorm most ideas and got us all involved in making the projects work. " All hands on deck" was our slogan and what I carry on with me.

I would tell whoever is looking to work with Akua to start looking forward to happy work days. You will leave work buzzing and want to work extra. You will be getting a boss ready to listen, encourage and help you accomplish your goals and targets.

Paapa Dennis, Former Jumia House Employee

If you are interested in seeing additional references, please get in touch: akua@akuanm.com