How To Improve Your Workplace Culture By Unlearning Toxic Positivity

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As a leader, you probably hear time and time again about the importance of having a growth mindset. We’re told that it’s important to have a positive outlook and to be able to shift our perspective. 

But is it ever possible to take it too far? 

In my opinion, it definitely is. When we take these ideas too far, we wander into the realm of toxic positivity. 

Denying reality and forcing ourselves to be “positive” all the time can have detrimental effects.

As leaders, it’s crucial that we learn …

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The Top 6 Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Successful Delegation

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Do you struggle with knowing how to delegate?

Feeling resistant to give up control?

Worried no one else will do it like you do?

If so, I want you to know - this is 100% normal.

As humans, we struggle with asking for help. Our brains simply don’t like it. We don’t enjoy opening up and getting vulnerable with others. Sometimes we might even feel like asking for help is a sign of weakness, or will diminish our authority in the workplace.

I’ve been in this exact same spot myself. You hire people be…

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How Leaders Can Tap Into Their Feminine Energy

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If you’re at all interested in the personal development space, I’m sure you’ve heard a thing or two about feminine energy. It’s a hot topic that seems to be on everyone’s mind.

But have you ever thought about harnessing your feminine energy as a tool for powerful leadership?

I truly believe that learning how to tap into your feminine energy can be an incredible tool for any leader looking to inspire, motivate and connect with others on a deeper level. 

In this guide, I break down what exactly…

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Is Money the Only Thing that Motivates You?


I would argue that it isn’t.

I’ve worked in places where they tried throwing money at the problem and it didn’t turn out well.

I’ve learned that each person (and employee) might need to be recognized and acknowledged in a different way

And we have to get comfortable with that fact.

Here are some thoughts around different rewards and approaches:



Do you have any other ideas of what could be a great reward or incentive?


Share this with someone who might need some help thinki…

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You Can’t Build an Empire or Career on Your Own

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I used to think that I could do everything on my own. 

When working as a leader at a high-growth startup, I struggled to let go of business development and sales when other members of my team could support me and connect with some clients better.

I told myself I couldn’t trust them to do as good of a job.

It was a lie.  

And I wasted time and resources.

Now, as a project-based entrepreneur, I struggled to get support to create content and post. 

I told myself that I needed to do it myself …

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They Aren't You

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That is what self-awareness is all about.

Remembering that people are not you.

And making the most of who you are.

Did you know that according to research done by an organizational psychologist, researcher, and New York Times bestselling author Tasha Eurich working with colleagues who aren’t self-aware can cut a team’s success in half?  

You can probably replace colleagues with any stakeholder.

There are three basic ways to start to cultivate your self-awareness:

  1. Internal Reflection
  2. Ext…

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Something I Learned the Hard Way

Week 33

In my last post, I shared the importance of awareness and how it has been key to my growth.  

Awareness is a critical component of what I teach.  

It is the first thing I cover with clients.

I wanted to introduce you to the basic framework I take my clients through no matter the new habit or approach they are trying to build: 

  1. Cultivate Self-Awareness - I love creating a safe space for my clients to learn more about themselves and using what they have learned to get more done.  I help my c…

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Do You Want to be Successful?

Week 26

Then, get clear on your thoughts around self-promotion.

A few weeks ago, I put up a poll on LinkedIn, and I was pleasantly surprised at the results:

I know I used to (and still sometimes) have a problem with people who were open to sharing their success. 

I used to tell myself stories about how they were ‘too much.’

I still procrastinate on sharing my wins, cringing when I am about to click post because I didn’t want people to tell me I am showing off.   

How we respond or react to others…

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I Want to Speak Better

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Being able to communicate and connect with all types of stakeholders is key to being a successful leader. The most important component might be building our self-awareness to understand where we stand and how we can improve. Communicating, like all soft skills, is like a muscle that needs to be worked out.

As a leader, one of the responsibilities I had that would scare the heck out of me was speaking.  Whether I had to lead a team meeting or have a press conference, I was always second-guessing…

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Do You Ever Ask for Help?

March - Newsletter

It has always been hard for me to ask for help.  

Even though I help people for a living I realized that I sometimes still have a hard time doing so.

Last month I was sharing my upcoming programs with my network and felt this small knot in my stomach. I second-guessed every word I typed - I didn’t want to come across some way -  you know - and squeezed my eyes shut almost every time I pressed send.

Have you ever felt that way?

You know what you are sharing is not only relevant but valuable. …

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