People-First, Health-First Leadership- Are corporate and wellness compatible?

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I think we've all grown new muscles in our empathy toolbox. I think we we've learned to be much more empathetic and open to the experience that sometimes, whether it's emotional, physical, mental, we need to take time off and we need to attend to our own mental health needs.

-- Rachel Kanarowski Founder, Year of Living Better

May is Mental Health Awareness month and to commemorate that, we continued our conversation on workplace and corporate wellness with Lauren ‘LC’ Wells and Rachel Kanarowski. We spoke about workforce burnout, lowering stress and improving the wellbeing of employees.

[Listen to our entire conversation about People First, Health First Leadership here]

Here are four interesting topics we touched on during our conversation:

  1. What is workforce burnout and what signs should employers look out for? Lauren defines the term and shares her personal experience with burnout [Listen at 5:43]
  2. Rachel speaks on what she terms the ‘empathy toolbox’ and why it is important for employers to be more empathetic towards workers. [Listen at 8:57]
  3. Why should companies be interested in lowering stress and improving the wellbeing of their employees? Rachel shares the potential effects of unhappy and burnt out employees on businesses. [Listen at 25:20]
  4. What mistakes are companies making with the regard to their employees’ mental health and what are the solutions? Lauren talks about why she is very passionate about educating organizations [Listen at 28:08]

How do you get leaders to listen when it comes to your mental health?

[Listen to the full conversation here]

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