People Before Strategy Roundtable

A virtual roundtable for top people leaders* committed to building more productive and profitable businesses.

*Leaders that motivate their employees through goal setting, incentives, and providing growth opportunities.


If you are anything like my clients, you deserve a parade. You've continued to build a business or department during uncertain times where every day something can shift - and you have managed to motivate, empower and develop people with decreased resources and in a hybrid workplace to support you with it all. Incredible!

"...I got in touch with Akua because I wanted to get additional insight on how to get and keep my employees motivated.  Before our conversations, I had low employee engagement and was feeling frustrated.  I had tried to ensure my staff was more engaged through weekly and monthly review meetings. After speaking with Akua, I was enlightened and more knowledgeable.  I have been able to leverage knowledge about my staff’s personality traits and what they care about into higher engagement. If you are thinking about working with Akua, I would definitely recommend you go ahead and do just that. There's a lot to learn from her."


However, while you are proud of what you have achieved and your team's contributions, you feel you could (and should) be doing more to make the most of your people. Perhaps you'd like to have more team members step up (and upskill), allowing you to focus on more strategic tasks and streamline processes so you can achieve your goals more easily. Maybe you enjoy enabling others but don't quite understand how to set motivating goals and provide constructive feedback that leads to action - instead of the status quo: confusion or firefighting.

That's why we created our roundtable, specifically for people leaders like you who are striving to build a simple talent-driven system. At the end of the day, we know that people are ultimately the value creators. They are our competitive advantage in an ever-changing world.


Case Studies + Mini Trainings

Learn from real world examples and get actionable insights that you can implement immediately.


Ask questions and have the opportunity to get high quality, and personalized help to select your next best step.

Community + Networking

Connect and learn from like minded leaders from around the world.


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Leaders aren't born; they're made.

This 5-minute assessment will help you understand what leadership stage you're currently in so you can determine your next steps.


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