Making the Most of Your Coaching Experience: Insights for Leaders in Transition

Coaching Resources Leaders in Transition

Investing your time, energy, or financial resources into an external coach is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. It's natural to have questions or doubts. That's why I wanted to share some valuable insights on this important decision. But before we dive into that, there are three thoughts I'd like to share with you:

  • Firstly, it's crucial to recognize that you control what success looks like in your coaching engagement. While most coaches will assist you in setting goals, it's importa‚Ķ

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Ep 99 // Evolving Your Brand: Embracing Authenticity and Change

Ep 99

Embracing change can be difficult and uncomfortable, but when it comes to the business world, it's a necessary skill for leaders. Executive and leadership coach Akua Nyame Mensah has recently gone through the rebranding process, and in this episode, she shares the importance of evolving and staying relevant as a business leader. 

If you don't think you need a brand, or you're thinking of rebranding yourself and/or your business, this episode is for you. Akua dives into the specific reasons she …

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Ep 98 // Transformative Coaching for Intentional Leaders

Ep 98

Executive and leadership coaching, at its core, is about creating ease for you as a high-achieving leader. It's about supporting you in leveraging your innate personality so you can learn how to prioritize and maximize your time as well as the time of your team and stakeholders. 

In this episode, Akua talks about her coaching program and how one-on-one coaching can be transformational for leaders at any stage of their career. Learn how Akua helps clients become sustainably strategic, learn how …

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Ep 97 // Your Guide to Next-Level Leadership

Ep 01

If you're a leader considering investing in executive coaching or advisory support, you cannot miss this episode. In it, executive and leadership coach Akua Nyame-Mensah dives into the world of coaching high-performing leaders, founders, and managers and what sets her apart from the rest.

Get a clear understanding of the benefits of coaching and why Akua might be a great fit for you and your team. You'll learn about Akua's unique approach, and she even walks you through a recent case study in w…

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Transformative Entrepreneurship Fellows Creating Teams

Case Studies - Difficult Conversations


Entrepreneurship Fellows are currently in the transformative stage, trying to build co-founding teams with strangers within a month.


Jasiri (Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies Program)


Jasiri brings potential founders (called fellows) from different workstreams, backgrounds, cultures, and personalities together. The fellows need to accelerate their ability to honestly and vulnerably connect to find compatible co-founders to launch a business within a short time frame. A big part of …

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Buoyant Firefighting Team

Case Studies - Internal Communication


Buoyant firefighting team that needs to improve internal communication and their meeting rhythms. 


Africa Business Heroes (Alibaba)


ABH is a small distributed team that runs a massive yearly competition that involves hundreds of entrepreneurs, judges, and mentors.  ABH wanted to provide its employees with training to improve internal communication and facilitation skills to run the continent-wide competition even more effectively.  With a small team, every member counts.…

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Transformative Leaders Working Full-time and Studying

Case Studies - ALUSB


Transformative leaders who are struggling with overwhelm and firefighting.


ALU School of Business 


ALU wanted to create a learning experience for their new class of 58 students to support them with dealing with the pandemic, the responsibilities of taking an online MBA, taking care of their families, AND working full-time. ALU hoped that if the students felt supported while they were in school, they could build better school-life-work integration so they could focus on t…

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Consulting with Human Resources Teams

Case Studies - HR


Healthcare Facility Human Resources team looking to build and execute their  5-year organizational Culture Plan.  As a Stanford Seed Consultant, I work remotely as a business consultant focused on leadership, team engagement, change management, and organization development with Seed Transformation Network companies to develop customized and creative business solutions.



Nyaho Medical Centre


Elizabeth Arhin, Human Resource Director, reported:

"I had the pleasure of connecting with Akua…

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Meet Transformative Leader Khloe

Case Studies - Khloe


Khloe is a Transformative Leader dealing with internal and external reluctance. She was selected to build a new important department, but not everyone supported her. She needs to learn how to get all her stakeholders on her side while recruiting, hiring, and training a new team.


Imagine what it would feel like to 'fail' at your first leadership attempt. You are given an opportunity to build a new team for a new part of the business, and your first hire wasn't a good fit. It feels like you…

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Meet Transformative Leader George

Case Studies - George


George is a Transformative Leader who is reluctant. To help his startup reach the next level, he needs to step up, make some tough personnel decisions, and continue learning about his adopted region.

What would you do if you had this amazing product that could transform a region, but you did not have the team or context to make it work?

Meet George, a founder of a technology startup. He moved to West Africa and hired employees he felt weren't always working as hard as he was. His beliefs of…

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