How to Complete Your 100 Hours for Your ICF Associate Coaching Credential


It is really important if you decide you want to get your ICF credential to keep track of all your hours.  That includes non-paying clients as well. I wanted to share three other things I kept in mind before I submitted my successful ACC Portfolio Application.

Use the ICF Template tracker religiously. I set myself a reminder to update and double-check my tracker after EACH session and weekly.  I filled out all the columns and even added several columns to the ICF template, so I was...

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How I Received My Associate Coaching Credential from the International Coaching Federation


I wrote this post for coaches that are in a structured International Coaching Federation (ICF) aligned coaching program and are considering completing their Associate Coaching Credential (ACC) through the Portfolio Method.  

*Please note: I applied for my credential before the coaching core competencies were updated in 2020.*


Why the Portfolio Method?

It is important to make sure you get clarity on whether your program is aligned or accredited by the ICF.  That will...

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Do You Ever Ask for Help?

March - Newsletter.jpg

It has always been hard for me to ask for help.  

Even though I help people for a living I realized that I sometimes still have a hard time doing so.

Last month I was sharing my upcoming programs with my network and felt this small knot in my stomach. I second-guessed every word I typed - I didn’t want to come across some way -  you know - and squeezed my eyes shut almost every time I pressed send.

Have you ever felt that way?

You know what you are sharing is not only...

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My Five Top Tips to Stay on Top of Your Goals


I'm super excited to share a recent webinar I put together for She Leads Africa on Staying Motivated on Your Road to Goal-Setting.  I outline five things you can keep in mind to keep moving forward:

  1. Define Your Why
  2. Set Aspirational but Appropriate Goals
  3. Embody Success
  4. Ask for Help
  5. Track Progress and Evolve

Click to watch the 33-minute video below.

SLA - Webinar Banner

You can find my slides here.

Let me know which of the five thoughts I shared you are going to implement today.

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Upleveled LinkedIn


2020 is the year in which I'm focusing on Exponential Value and Visibility.  A huge part of being able to achieve this is transforming my vision and theme into actionable and achievable goals.  A major challenge I deal with is potential clients that do not see the value in my work. You can follow my journey to live my vision here.

It took me three weeks to draft this and just 5 minutes to upload it.

If you want to see what my LinkedIn Profile looked like before, take a look at...

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<Insert Your Name Here>, You Are Remarkable

Blog Images - Feb.png

How do you feel about self-promotion?

Do you cringe?

Have a hard time talking about how your accomplishments translate?

Get tongue-tied?

Second guess how valuable your contributions are?

Worry that someone will think you are showing off?

However you respond, self-promotion is key to finding and securing opportunities as well as, inspiring and bringing others along.

This year, I am creating a safe space for others to build their self-promotion muscle (yes, self-promotion - like speaking,...

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How I Make the Most of My Career As an INTJ


I used to cringe at the thought of making calls. I would tell my close friends that I hated small talk and would avoid any and every opportunity to interact with strangers, especially in a group setting. The thought of having a more than a five-minute conversation on the phone, even with someone I knew well, used to freak me out. 

Now I have one to two-hour conversations for a living, and sometimes it is difficult to get me to shut up during my sessions. I genuinely and...

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Want a thriving coaching business? Forget everything you learned in your coach certification

Forget everything.png

Massive time commitment.

Not too bad of a financial investment.

Quantum leap in my perspective on how to run a coaching business.

Forget almost everything you learned during your coach certification (International Coach Federation aligned or accredited training). Launching and running a coaching business is not as easy as building a website.  The Coach Master Toolkit (CMT) program forces you out of your comfort zone and challenges most of your beliefs about having a practice. At the same...

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It isn't bragging if it is backed up with facts



Research shows that while women are well represented as middle managers, their numbers drop when making the jump to VP-level executives or well-funded entrepreneurs. One of the big hurdles women face when tackling this gap is practicing self-promotion - or vocally expressing their achievements in a working environment or when making a pitch.

We believe this issue is also true for underrepresented groups.

IamRemarkable is a Google initiative empowering women and underrepresented...

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Required Listening: Are you Coachable?


If you have never had the privilege of having a coaching session, I highly recommend listening to this podcast about being open to learning before scheduling an introductory chat.

The podcast is all about how to how to learn, listen, receive, and take on thoughts that challenge your beliefs.

I have calls with individuals who claim they are open to hearing different perspectives but that get upset or reject having a conversation about an alternative approach. 

If you do take a few minutes...

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