DEI in International Development- What Can and Should Be Done?

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"… If you want to actually have equity be something that's a lifestyle, you need to live out to the simple values that you've set, and then continuously do what you've always known to do. Which is to make sure you humanize the people, keeping the big picture, in sight as well as the small picture."

-- Tayo Rockson , Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Thought Leader

A few days ago, I chatted with diversity, equity, and inclusion thought leader Tayo Rockson. We spoke about pay scales, compensation inequality, and more.

[Listen to our entire conversation about DEI and International Development here]

Here are some interesting questions Tayo answered during our conversation:

  1. Is DEI relevant in global development? Tayo shares his perspective on the relevance of multicultural people in global development [Listen at 5:04]
  2.  Pay scales and compensation - What, what can we do better? Or what can be done? Should anything be done? Tayo speaks about why it is important to be transparent [Listen at 12:32]
  3. What can organizations do to support their leaders or employees by having a better understanding of their bias? Tayo speaks on bias in hiring, training, and promotion. [Listen at 24:14]
  4. What should companies focus their energy on when it comes to compensation pay scales? Tayo shares valuable advice with global companies. [Listen at 34:54]

[Listen to the full conversation here]

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