A Practical Guide to Checking in With Your Goals Using 3 Steps


We all have goals. Whether they're business goals, health goals, fitness goals, or something else entirely. 

Having goals for yourself is incredibly important. Without goals, you wouldn’t have a compass to navigate your business and life. 

But something I’d noticed with many of my clients is that many people set goals, but very few continuously check in on how they’re doing with said goals. It’s easy to completely lose sight of whether or not what you’re doing is actually working, and leading you …

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4 Reasons Why You Won't (and Can't) Take a Vacation

Blog Week 46 - Vacation

Do you feel like you can never take REAL time off?

As business owners, it’s tough to truly switch off from our duties. 

  • You feel a constant sense of responsibility and control
  • You fear missing out on opportunities
  • You feel the urge to keep up with emails all hours of the day

What you have to know is, everyone’s version of a “vacation” is going to look different and there's no right or wrong way to switch off. 

There are several reasons why people don't feel comfortable taking a vacatio…

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How to Choose Freedom & Redefine Success with Success Coach Ellany Lea


As a leader, what does it mean to pursue freedom? 

And how can we make sure we’re striving for freedom in every aspect of our lives? 

I sat down with Ellany Lea, Success Coach & Master Freedompreneur to discuss her career journey and how she keeps freedom at the heart of everything she does. 

Tune into the conversation here.

More of a reader? Dig into the blog post below 👇🏾

How Ellany Got Her Start in the Coaching World

Ellany now works as a success coach, business mentor, and spiritual …

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How To Improve Your Workplace Culture By Unlearning Toxic Positivity

LinkedIn  Blog Banner wk30

As a leader, you probably hear time and time again about the importance of having a growth mindset. We’re told that it’s important to have a positive outlook and to be able to shift our perspective. 

But is it ever possible to take it too far? 

In my opinion, it definitely is. When we take these ideas too far, we wander into the realm of toxic positivity. 

Denying reality and forcing ourselves to be “positive” all the time can have detrimental effects.

As leaders, it’s crucial that we learn …

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The Top 6 Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Successful Delegation

LinkedIn Blog Banner _wk29

Do you struggle with knowing how to delegate?

Feeling resistant to give up control?

Worried no one else will do it like you do?

If so, I want you to know - this is 100% normal.

As humans, we struggle with asking for help. Our brains simply don’t like it. We don’t enjoy opening up and getting vulnerable with others. Sometimes we might even feel like asking for help is a sign of weakness, or will diminish our authority in the workplace.

I’ve been in this exact same spot myself. You hire people be…

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The Best Questions to Ask to Quickly Realign With Your TOP Priorities

Blog Banner Wk 27

If you’re anything like most of the leaders I work with, you’ve got a BIG vision and goals.

But how do you make sure you’re prioritizing those goals on a daily basis?

It’s easy to spend your days getting caught up in busywork, putting out fires, or simply being reactive to what everyone around you needs from you.

Remember: as a leader, it is YOUR responsibility to make sure you’re carrying out your company’s big vision. 

By the end of this post, you’ll have specific strategies to help you br…

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How to make new year resolutions stick

Blog Week 2

Step 1 is to:

NOT Set New Year Resolutions

But on a more serious note, I talked through several ways to set better 2021 goals including:

👉🏽 Leveraging your self-awareness and starting with a vision.

👉🏽Picking a guiding theme or word of the year instead.

👉🏽Focusing on behavior and actions that can be turned into a regular habit.

On my Facebook and Instagram Live last week.

Tune in to hear the rest of my thoughts and let me know which of the tips you found most helpful.

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Let’s Give Better Feedback


Feedback is a key component of being a better leader and human in general.  

Sometimes it seems like it is easier to give feedback than it is to receive.  

I have found both to be difficult.

If you are looking for a few questions to give feedback, even if it is to yourself check out the questions below.


  • What do you expect?
  • What is she/he/you doing well?
  • How is he/she/you not meeting expectations?
  • What you want him/her/yourself to do differently
  • What support does he/she/ nee…

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Try to Stay in the Present


Time is the most precious resource we have and we tend to waste it on regretting the past or being anxious about the future.  

Mindfulness is all about making the most of your present time.  

I used to think it was a super complicated concept that involved long meditations and chanting.

I have learned, and now teach, super simple techniques you can implement right away so you can take into account your past but make the most of your present to maximize your future results.



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I ❤️ Getting Things Done


I get even more done when I am able to bring others along.

One of the many productivity issues I experienced as a leader was firefighting.

I would rush from task to task, not even completing one before I would think of something I needed to do, or a member of my team would interrupt me.

Even now I sometimes get off track and feel rushed to finish a project or have a conversation with a client.

What I have learned:

There is nothing such as being ‘too busy’ - there is only prioritization.


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