What is Coaching?

Coaching: Let's Work Together


No Time

No Resources

No Value

Why would you want to sign up for coaching?

In this last audio clip (5/5) of the series, I talk about the top 3 reasons why clients don’t end up working with me.

Ready to make the time?

Ready to invest in moving forward with an accountability partner?

Open to exploring new opportunities and feedback?

Then coaching might be right for you.

Let’s talk! Sign up for a free 30-minute session here

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Coaching Session Outline

Curious about what is involved in a coaching session?

Typically, a coaching session with me involves:

  1. Goal setting and defining the coaching topic.

  2. Assessing where you currently are.

  3. Exploring opportunities and increasing awareness

  4. Selecting the next steps, defining the timeline and accountability measures.

In this audio clip (4/5) I describe the coaching process I use with my individual clients.

Want to know how I work with my corporate clients who sponsor their teams or specific...

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Different Types Of Coaching


Are you confused about all the people out there calling themselves coaches? I was too. Many different institutions are involved in certifying coaches. Other individuals call themselves coaches because they have a lot of experience in a particular industry. There is no one right way to coach. You have to be comfortable with whomever you are working with and see value in whatever you are doing with your coach.

Want to hear a bit about my take on coaching? Listen to this audio clip (3/5) where I...

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My Coaching Journey


I was introduced to coaching by a colleague at Jumia. She was involved in training and development and saw that I wanted a way to strengthen my leadership skills.

I had spent about 3 years building a team from scratch and was having a hard time with a new team I had just taken over. I thought that coaching would be a great way to learn how to build rapport and engage with my team members. Coaching provided me with the opportunity to learn tools to engage with others and techniques to explore...

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Introduction To Coaching


I get a ton of questions about coaching and its value. If you are looking for an accountability partner and an alternative way to get support to move forward in your professional and personal life, then these audio clips (6 in all) might be of interest to you.

A quick recap of this first audio clip (1/5). My coaching is not:

  • Therapy – it is about your future, not your past or fixing anything.

  • Mentoring – it is about you, not my experiences.

  • Consulting – it is about your solutions,...

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