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As a former start-up executive, she has experience launching and growing an online business across West Africa's two biggest markets and has recruited, coached and managed diverse teams. 

  • Akua Nyame-Mensah

    “If I need to ‘get things’ done, Akua is my ‘go-to’ coach. I come to Akua because I know that with her, I will leave with a clear action plan that I am willing and excited (maybe scared) to pursue. Consider selecting Akua as a coach if you are stuck and need to move forward. She is focused, creative and a ninja-coach.”

    Leadership Coach & Consultant

  • Akua Nyame-Mensah

    “After attending her workshop, I got in touch with Akua because I wanted to get additional insight on how to get and keep my employees motivated.  Before our conversations, I had low employee engagement and was feeling frustrated.  I had tried to ensure my staff was more engaged through weekly and monthly review meetings. After speaking with Akua I was enlightened and more knowledgeable.  I have been able to leverage knowledge about my staff’s personality traits and what they care about into higher engagement. If you are thinking about working with Akua, I would definitely recommend you go ahead and do just that. There's a lot to learn from her.”

    Managing Director, Lukandi Digital

  • Akua Nyame-Mensah

    “I think a lot of people underestimate the importance of thinking out loud with someone who is not biased and doesn't know you…From the session, I got an action plan on how I'm going to change my decision-making process and some great reflective questions that I can use daily. After completing the session, I felt quite energized and clear-headed. Akua is a great person to think out loud with and a great listener.”

    Marketing and Communications Associate, ALU School of Business

  • Akua Nyame-Mensah

    “The session was extremely beneficial to me. I particularly appreciated the resources and articles shared, which enabled me to gather evidence on tried-and-tested techniques. The coach shared her own personal experiences and examples, this made it very easy to relate with her and also helped me feel more relaxed and open. I would absolutely recommend coaching, it is a great boost, regardless of where you are in your career. It helps you to think about various perspectives which you may not have considered previously. ”

    Managing Director

  • Akua Nyame-Mensah

    “Akua's energy and overall enthusiasm for startups is contagious! We were so lucky to have her mentor some of our female founders recently. I know that the founders walked away with clear action items to improve their company and tons of inspiration.”

    Director of Global Marketing at Founder Institute and Co-Creator of the Female Founder Initiative


Akua creates safe spaces for leaders to experiment with alternative approaches, gain confidence, connect and ultimately thrive harmoniously with their stakeholders.

Akua is a Certified Executive Coach and International Coach Federation member. Go from surviving to thriving by working 1:1 with Akua  leveraging her unique methodology.

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Akua creates safe spaces for groups to engage, learn, align and thrive. She delivers actionable workshops and presentations leveraging her experience and assessments.

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An outside voice can help spark innovation or bring about harmony.  Akua works with organizations to improve their business and organization performance.

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