Monthly Updates

February Was Waaaaay Too Short

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My first weekend in March was spent running around on artificial turf and attempting to catch odd shaped balls.  One of my favorite parts of living in Lagos right now is having the opportunity to play flag football.  It is also the reason why I am currently sore.

The best part of playing flag football is the people.  You can’t win by yourself, just like you can’t run a business or lead your life without having people to lean on.


What I’ve been listening/ reading this month: The …

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January In Review: Four Months In


Newsflash, I left my last job about four months ago and have been having a blast building new projects, relationships and seeing what sticks.

According to my Google Maps creepy activity log, I have walked more than 4km with my phone on me and spent more than 60 hours in a vehicle in January.  My phone, unfortunately, doesn’t count the countless hours I spend behind my dining room table working.

Customer Segments Workshop - What have I been working on?

In addition to consulting and…

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