May In Review – Creating Your Own Success


“How have you been complicit in creating the conditions you say you don’t OR do want?”

This is my take on one of my recent favorite quotes. I heard a version of it while I was listening to a Tim Ferris podcast and thought that this particular guest was super insightful. Warning: the podcast is two hours of a conversation that includes a coaching demo and the benefits of journaling.

Last month I mentioned that I would share some of the partnerships I have been working on. I tend to put things out there so that I can hold myself accountable and force myself to reflect and take account of what I’ve been able to do so far:

Ceditalk was kind enough to let me post a few interviews with HR experts on their platform. I will be rounding up my posts with a Facebook Live sharing my favorite career advice from the interviews on Friday, June 28.

I was super excited to be contacted by my MBA program to provide coaching opportunities to incoming MBA students. This is a great read if you want a better understanding of the corporate executive and leadership coaching services I provide.

Recently, I joined the advisory board of an amazing online community focused on providing affordable coaching for women. I have been involved in the coaching program since March and if you are a woman interested in receiving and developing your own coaching skills join the Conspiring Women Peer Coaching Co-op. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

In one of my favorite (new to me) newsletters, Mircotractin, a startup founder was interviewed and he highlighted the importance of self-awareness and personality assessments. If you have ever read my newsletter you know that I’m obsessed with personality assessments (I’m an MBTI and ProfileXT certified practitioner) and how they can accelerate self-awareness and team effectiveness.

Seeking workshop and coaching opportunities in Accra. I will be spending the last two weeks of July in Accra, if you are interested in one of my leadership-focused training, would simply like a lunch and learn speaker or a discussion based on a leadership book, please get in touch. If you would like an idea of the types of sessions I hold, you can check out my latest Instagram post and this LinkedIn post. You can also feel free to get in touch to learn about my other virtual services and programs.

Set something.

It will be easier to try to achieve something if you are working towards something.

Thank you for taking the time to read all the way down here.


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