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I hope you and your family are doing well. I'm writing this from my parent's house in Ghana. I was not planning to be here, but I'm grateful I ended up here when I did.

Gratitude is something I am actively working on during this time.  For the last few years, I've tried to start my mornings by writing down at least three things I'm grateful for. But being in a new space has forced me to rethink my mornings. This new normal has shown me that I sometimes spend more time doing things for others than myself.  It has reminded me of how essential it is that I take time out to help myself before helping others. Having a routine has helped me with making sure I can show up for myself and my clients. Routines allow us to develop habits that match our goals while helping us eliminate habits that keep us from reaching our full potential. I wanted to share the five steps I kept in mind when (re)building my new routine

Beyond trying to start my day off right, I have been relying on my favorite tools to keep me sane and connected to my clients.

Finally, as all of us are being asked to show up online (and have the time and space to reflect and grow) I wanted to share a checklist to help to improve your speaking and better engage with your audience - whether it's to inspire your team, convince your boss or land that high-paying client.  Over 150 professionals on LinkedIn have already downloaded it.

I would really like to support you during this time doing what I do best - helping you focus and connect - so reply and let me know how I can best support you at this time.

Stay safe and sane

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If you have any book recommendations please let me know. I recently read The Alchemist and LOVED it.  These are my favorite self-leadership related lessons.





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