Self-Awareness - The Key to Success


One key thing I teach my clients is:

People do things for their own reasons.

Not yours.

If you want to get better at engaging with others, you must first increase your ability to understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as recognize your emotions and the effect they have on you and others.

This is also known as self-awareness, and it is a core component of emotional intelligence.

I wanted to share five resources to help you build your self-awareness in the new year:

  1. Review your 2019 and set your intentions for 20/20 by making use of a process I have been doing for four years! I share my simple approach to shifting my perspective yearly and created a simple workbook you can use to help you get started here
  2. Not ready to spend a lot of time and energy to reflect on your past year? Download this simple worksheet to help you begin your self-awareness journey by writing out your likes and dislikes.
  3. Listen to this¬†podcast¬†and make a plan to ‚Äúdiscover loving critics who will help you get better.‚Ä̬† Start by getting in touch with three people you trust and that have been where you want to go and by taking this Insight¬†quiz
  4. Want support starting the year off, right? Start with learning about yourself and setting yourself up for success by completing my Ctrl+Alt+Del Intensive.  Over three sessions, we will discover the attitudes, behaviors, and perspectives that are holding you back, strategize new approaches, and draft new systems to identify, align and achieve your personal and professional goals one-on-one.  Secure your intensive slot here
  5. Remind yourself when you make a mistake; it is an opportunity to learn like the individuals in this video poking fun at people who need some self-awareness support.

Starting with your emotions, strengths, and weaknesses, you can deliberately communicate how people can leverage you effectively. Once you start to share insights about yourself, others will start to do the same.

Let me know what you think of the resources I shared.

I appreciate that you took the time to read all the way down here and for your continued support.

Happy Holidays!

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