Where's Your Head At?

Where is your head at

One of the first things you learn in coaching (and when you get older) is that our minds are amazing. 

Your mind can really make or break you.  

Like everything is in our head. 

You are what you think.

In order to grow past where you are, you have to be willing to push the limits of your mindset.

I have spent most of the last few months consuming everything Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) related and wanted to share a few of my favorite things I have found recently that are mindset and perspective related: 

Instagram: To attract money, you have to BE money 

Youtube: Who is drawing your timeline? 

LinkedIn: The majority of the books on this leadership book list that I will make my way through when I decide that it's important enough to do so/ make the time.

Finally, I wanted to share that I will be hosting an online version of my free masterclass, Why Your Employees Aren’t Motivated, focused on supporting leaders like you so you can stop firefighting, being overwhelmed and/or being a bottleneck. I have already hosted the masterclass twice in Lagos and once in Accra.  The masterclass will introduce you to my three-step process to better engage and manage your team - increasing retention, productivity and ultimately your bottom line.  If you want to join the next virtual session of the masterclass, leave your email here to be notified of when it will happen.  During the masterclass, I also introduce how our thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors impact our team whether we are conscious of them or not.

I will leave you with one of my favorite thoughts around keeping in mind that we each have our own version of reality. I am not sure who said it and it seems like the internet isn’t either. I saw it in a newsletter of another coach that leverages NLP exercises:

I am not what you think I am.

You are what you think I am.

I wish I heard this quote when I first started leading teams. It might have changed how much I let other people’s feedback change my approach.  Not all feedback is helpful or well-intentioned.

In case you find your issues are beyond your head, this podcast episode might help you: ‘Align your Calendar with what Matters.’ 

Let me know what you want to see in my content moving forward. 

I have so many ideas and would love to know what you would like me to share first.

Enjoy your December

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