How to Ask for Financial Support to Invest in Coaching

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Beyond time, one of the primary reasons people don't invest in coaching is that they do not have financial resources.

Thanks to a suggestion from another fantastic coach, I put together this short post that includes an email that you can use as a template to ask for financial support to invest in coaching.

Here are the key things you might want to include in your email:

  1. Confirm your commitment to the company, community, or organization
  2. Highlight what you have tried and done before seeking out coaching
  3. Outline why you feel that coaching is the next right step for you
  4. Share your research (PDFs, URLs, this is a page I put together specifically about Leadership and Executive Coaching you could share) if you feel like your organization would like to have a better understanding of how you selected a particular coach or program
  5. Showcase your Coach selection by sharing specifics about the coach (or coaches) you are considering
  6. Write out the potential return on investment of investing in the Coach and completing a coaching program. These are the types of results my clients get:
    • Improved decision making
    • Improved focus and clarity
    • Improved ability to delegate and engage team
    • Improved confidence, executive presence, and other soft skills
    • Improved negotiation skills
    • Improved ability to deal with uncertainty
    • Improved goal setting and strategic planning
    • Improved work/ life balance
    • Increased employee retention
    • Increased profit
  7. Close with gratitude and appreciation


Here is the template email:


Hi [Supervisor/ Boss/ Organization Head] –

I appreciate that [company name] has a culture of supporting continuing education and professional development.

During our recent appraisal meeting, you shared how you would like me to step up in [insert challenge here]. I have wanted to do exactly that but was not sure how to effectively build [skill].

I recently came across [insert information about coach/ program] and felt like it would be the best way to [build those skills].  The coaching program costs [insert cost].  I am writing to inquire if the organization can help cover the cost of the coaching to allow me to [insert goals here].

Completing this [program] will give me the opportunity to learn exactly [insert more information about skill].  You can find more information about the [coaching/ program] here.

I am committed to applying the skills I build through this program to benefit the company in the years to come. By providing this opportunity for coaching, I believe the company will see an [insert ROI/ benefits].

Coaching will not interfere with my day-to-day work.  Can we please schedule a time for us to chat next week and see what is possible? 

Thank you for being open to supporting my growth and development. 



Let me know if you decide to use some version of this template and your results.


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