The (Current) Tools Behind My Business


I am always rethinking my approach to my work so I can be more productive and effective. I wanted to share the current tools I leverage to get things done.  My work is powered by five basic tools:

Mixmax – Time is money. As I have conversations for a living it is important that I have an easy way to allow my clients and potential clients to have access to my calendar. Mixmax also allows me to schedule personalized emails and keep track of who is opening and clicking on links in my emails. Click on my referral link here to purchase a Mixmax product and both of us will get a $25 gift card.

Simplero – Everything is in this online platform where I host my website and more.  The only thing missing from Simplero is forms (They have this great worksheet feature but it is not useful for collecting external leads). Earlier this year I moved from Squarespace because I wanted an online solution that would allow me to create courses and have a basic CRM to send out newsletters from.  Simplero does all this and a lot more. It is super easy to use and the customer service is excellent.

Asana – (Full disclosure I am an Asana Certified Pro) I have used almost every productivity or note-taking software out there but since starting to work for myself Asana has been the most helpful. I use Asana (click on my referral link here) in a unique way with my own tasks and with other teams I work with.  I am able to keep track of my diverse ad hoc tasks and stay on top of my routine tasks as well.

Grammarly – I am terrified of having a grammatical error or misspelling something. I use Grammarly and then the ‘Read Aloud’ option in Microsoft Word to sleep better after posting things. It is also what I did when I was writing this post.

Evernote – I have been using Evernote for years.  I love it because I use it on my Android Phone, Mac laptop and even handwrite notes on my iPad.  My Evernote app on all of them link seamlessly. I have so many ideas and thoughts and Evernote is the perfect place to draft out my programs and projects.

I love learning about new tools that I can use to increase my productivity and I’m always down to chat to share what has enabled my work and the many different tools and services I invest in to get things done and keep moving forward.


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