Want a thriving coaching business? Forget everything you learned in your coach certification

Forget everything

Massive time commitment.

Not too bad of a financial investment.

Quantum leap in my perspective on how to run a coaching business.

Forget almost everything you learned during your coach certification (International Coach Federation aligned or accredited training). Launching and running a coaching business is not as easy as building a website.  The Coach Master Toolkit (CMT) program forces you out of your comfort zone and challenges most of your beliefs about having a practice. At the same time, the program provides detailed toolkits, spreadsheets, videos, and accountability partners to help you along.  My favorite part of the program, in addition to the detailed toolkits that can be adapted and used for proposals, 1:1 coaching, facilitation, speeches, and presenters, was the mastermind. My mastermind was full of coaches with vast experience.  I was by far the youngest and least experienced and I took full advantage of the masterclass sessions.

My Top Five Takeaways:

  1. Give the client what they say they want.  Don’t spend time trying to add to or talk them out of what they said they want at the beginning of the coaching relationship.  You can further explain to them what you feel they may need if it aligns when you start coaching them. 
  2. Use the client’s language to connect with them.  Don’t try to impress them by using complex terms or coaching jargon.  When you secure the gig you can educate them if you feel like it adds to the engagement.
  3. Build the proposal with the client.  Don’t spend hours writing out a long proposal without the client’s input. Get on a call or have a meeting and make sure you both are on the same page before you submit anything.
  4. Keep the proposal as short as possible. Don’t make it super long, the client will just skip to the last page and look at the price.  Focus on showing your value and use bullet points to outline the process.
  5. Help the client see the gap.  Don’t just focus on the journey and the transformation, show them how much they are currently losing and how you can help them close it. Coaching is about taking a client from point A to point B. If a client is not aware of their needs they will not invest in you.

The entire six-month program is a bit intense and I have some more work to do to be able to apply for certification, but it has been more than worth the effort.  The main thing I’ve learned is to value my time and focus on my value.


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