How to Complete Your 100 Hours for Your ICF Associate Coaching Credential

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It is really important if you decide you want to get your ICF credential to keep track of all your hours.  That includes non-paying clients as well. I wanted to share three other things I kept in mind before I submitted my successful ACC Portfolio Application.

Use the ICF Template tracker religiously. I set myself a reminder to update and double-check my tracker after EACH session and weekly.  I filled out all the columns and even added several columns to the ICF template, so I was aware of where I was coaching clients and how I had sourced them.  I am so used to updating the tracker that it has become a habit. You will not need to upload the tracker unless they audit your application, but you should still keep track of everyone you coach and their details just in case.

Download the Coaching Log Template Here

Get creative with finding clients.  When I first started, I was scared to find both paying and unpaid clients.  I built my confidence by first coaching my coaching classmates. Some other ways I found paying and non-paying clients are:

  1. Coach Trade: Coaching another coach counts as paid hours if you do reciprocal coaching. I coached my coaching classmates and coaches I found on online forums.
  2. WhatsApp Groups: A great way to share a simple program or get quick clients for a few free sessions.
  3. Facebook Groups: There are some coaches who are amazing at adding value to Facebook Groups by pitching their services on relevant posts. You can also direct message potential clients after seeing something they have posted.
  4. Listservs: I got one of my first paying clients from posting on an email forum. I shared a simple program, had a few calls and was able to convert one individual who felt that the program spoke to them.
  5. Group Coaching: The fastest way I got hours was to offer what I described as ‘workshops’ they were really group coaching sessions.  Group coaching is a lot of fun and participants can contribute and coach each other.

Get permission.  This is something a lot of coaches tend to forget. I know how awkward it can be to have people sign an agreement, especially for non-paying clients, but contracting is a key part of being an effective ICF coach.  It does not have to be super complicated. I actually get permission electronically when a potential client signs up for a Chemistry Call through a Google Form. You can also share a paper agreement or use an online contract application. 

If you want some additional strategic support and advice to complete your ACC, please feel free to select and invest in a 45-minute consulting session for Consulting for New & Aspiring Coaches by getting in touch here


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