Let’s Give Better Feedback


Feedback is a key component of being a better leader and human in general.  

Sometimes it seems like it is easier to give feedback than it is to receive.  

I have found both to be difficult.

If you are looking for a few questions to give feedback, even if it is to yourself check out the questions below.


  • What do you expect?
  • What is she/he/you doing well?
  • How is he/she/you not meeting expectations?
  • What you want him/her/yourself to do differently
  • What support does he/she/ need from you?/ What support do you need?

Share this with someone who needs some support giving feedback, even just to themselves.

Whenever you’re ready... here are three ways I can help you connect and focus to scale:

GET STARTED by taking a look at how I am still struggling with giving and receiving feedback (LINK) 

LEARN how you come across and how well you can understand others (LINK).

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