You Can’t Build an Empire or Career on Your Own

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I used to think that I could do everything on my own. 

When working as a leader at a high-growth startup, I struggled to let go of business development and sales when other members of my team could support me and connect with some clients better.

I told myself I couldn’t trust them to do as good of a job.

It was a lie.  

And I wasted time and resources.

Now, as a project-based entrepreneur, I struggled to get support to create content and post. 

I told myself that I needed to do it myself to save money.

It was a lie.

Now with just a little editing and posting support, I spend more time on more high-value tasks such as engaging with potential clients.


We do not live in a vacuum. You have to and should work with others, both professionally and personally.

Share this post with someone who needs some support, but refuses.

Whenever you’re ready... here are three ways I can help you connect and focus to scale:

GET STARTED by watching this short video (LINK) that was graciously put together by a friend to help explain “my why.”  The end is hilarious, but warning it does include some bleeped cuss words. 

LEARN more about some of my initial thoughts on how to build a team (LINK).  Whether you are a solopreneur or VP you need people on your side. 

DOWNLOAD my new guide, where I outline the three steps I keep in mind to bring others along (LINK).


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