Something I Learned the Hard Way

Week 33

In my last post, I shared the importance of awareness and how it has been key to my growth.  

Awareness is a critical component of what I teach.  

It is the first thing I cover with clients.

I wanted to introduce you to the basic framework I take my clients through no matter the new habit or approach they are trying to build: 

  1. Cultivate Self-Awareness - I love creating a safe space for my clients to learn more about themselves and using what they have learned to get more done.  I help my clients accelerate their self-awareness using assessments.
  2. Simplify Engagement - Being able to connect and influence is a key part of being a leader.  As an introvert and certified coach, I have developed and learned frameworks to engage with myself and others better. I share these approaches with my clients.
  3. Achieve Expectations - You have probably noticed that a lot of my content is around gettings things done. With an understanding of how you come across and a plan to engage, you can develop and set appropriate expectations.  I have so many tricks, approaches, and structures I share with my clients to help them stay on track AND aligned with stakeholders.

A few years ago, I was leading teams between two different West African countries.

Now I am managing various projects and stakeholders across the world. 

Using this three-step process allows me to stay on top of my work and reminds me that I don’t live and work in a vacuum.  


People do things for their own reasons. Not yours.

If any of these areas seem interesting to you, please let me know. 

I am finishing up my content plan for the rest of the year and would appreciate your thoughts.

Please share this post with someone who needs support engaging with themselves and others.

GET STARTED by letting me know which of the three areas you need the most support with. 

LEARN more about how I got started in my first ever cringe-worthy blog post (LINK

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