Ep 96 // Building a Cohesive Team and Hitting Goals with Clear Expectations


Executive and Leadership expert Akua is wrapping up her mini-series on expectation setting and goal setting in the workplace. In this episode, you'll also learn about the different resources that Akua has on the subject of expectation setting, including valuable blog posts and podcast episodes where you can just dip your toe or dive head first into the deep well of insights on expectation setting. 

As a leader or manager, it is important to set realistic and achievable goals and to provide the resources and support that others need to meet them. Perhaps most importantly, leaders must remember to provide feedback and to continuously communicate their expectations so all team members can be on the same page.

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Highlights in this episode: 

  • Remember, there is nothing more demotivating for team members than being given an unrealistic KPI or expectation.¬†
  • We don't have to like everything we do. Don't give in to toxic positivity. Be real about your feelings.
  • When setting expectations for yourself, realize things are not always going to be perfect, and sometimes you'll need to ask for help.¬†
  • You and your team need to take breaks and vacations so they rejuvenate and come back motivated and excited to hit their goals.
  • Creating time and space to provide timely feedback, and to reflect and give yourself feedback, is critical.¬†

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