We are Never 100% Happy or Excited to do our Jobs.  

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Even as leaders we do not like everything we have to do.

Invoicing, building budgets, and approving spending used to be super cumbersome for me.

So I appointed someone on my team to help me with it.

Now that I work for myself, I have to make it work and have selected a specific time in my schedule to tackle it.  I even reward myself when I complete my finance-related work.

In every position, we have a range of motivation and engagement. 

We are never 100% happy or excited to do our jobs.  

Also, there are some jobs that aren’t as exciting as others.

For each relationship, role, or task, your level of engagement varies.  


And if you have a team, their roles. Engagement is usually directly proportional to results and satisfaction.  Is there any way to increase the level of engagement by delegating tasks or helping your team member connect their work with their larger goals?

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