Ep 91 // Mastering Meetings: Secrets to Engaging and Efficient Facilitation

Ep 91

Ever been in a meeting that feels like a waste of time? 

Of course, you have. That's because many leaders and organizations don't know how to effectively facilitate a meeting that engages team members. In this episode, you'll hear portions of a recent training Akua gave on how to be an effective moderator and facilitator. 

Learn about the three basic types of meetings (and which one isn't really a "meeting") and why a well-moderated meeting actually begins well before the meeting starts. After listening, you'll be well on your way to leading the most effective, efficient, and productive meetings possible so that all your team members will feel like their time is valued and well-spent!

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Highlights in this episode:

  • Find out what a good facilitator or moderator does, including making sure there's an agenda, creating psychological safety, listening, and more.
  • Learn the five P's of facilitation: purpose, planning, process, participation, and pursuit. 
  • It takes good communication skills, active listening, and flexibility to effectively facilitate a meeting. 
  • Akua guides listeners through some exercises that will help your team members engage and communicate in meetings. 

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