EP 78 // Being the Message & Communication

Do your words match your actions? Are you “being the message?” How you communicate with others (and yourself) is key when it comes to being a conscious leader. This week Akua, an executive and leadership coach, talks about the importance of reflecting on your communication style and aligning what you say with what you value. 

Akua dives into what she means by “being the message,” a popular mantra among coaches and advisors. She also explains the three main communication styles, as well as three lessons around communicating as a leader, cultivating our awareness around how to engage while keeping in mind the culture in which we find ourselves. 

How we communicate or come across is often overlooked, but being self-aware about our communication style and how it is perceived allows more effective engagement and, ultimately, influences our team. 

Highlights in this episode: 

  • Learn the importance of body language and visual cues and how they can affect others’ perceptions.
  • Akua defines the three main communication styles and reveals the most effective communication style for conscious leaders. 
  • Discover how to overcome someone’s preconceived notions of you and your abilities based on superficial traits like accent or gender. 
  • A leader’s communication style can vary based on the environment and workplace (or national) culture.

Resources mentioned in the episode: 


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