Ep 68: #AskAkua // I’m Getting Results; Why Would I Need Coaching?

Ep 68

Starting your own business, running a startup for someone else, or leading a team is a heavy weight to bear, and it’s easy to feel like you’re alone. But you don’t have to be. In this #AskAkua episode of the Open Door Conversations Podcast, leadership coach Akua Nyame-Mensah discusses the benefits of executive and leadership coaching, even if you’re already getting results as a leader.

She’ll help you identify if coaching is right for you. If you already know it is, you’ll learn how to convince your stakeholders that coaching is an important investment that ultimately affects their bottom line.

Remember that as a former startup leader, Akua shares her own one-sided perspective on these #AskAkua episodes, which is different from her client-driven coaching methods. These conversations are a means to provide you with the opportunity for reflection and a path to personal growth. As always, feel free to reach out to Akua in the DMs with any questions!

Highlights in this Episode:

  • Akua talks about the massive difference she saw in her own leadership when she created and honored the space to engage with team members and set expectations appropriately.
  • It’s important to realize coaching cannot be forced on people. They must be willing to change their behavior and believe change is possible.
  • If you’re a leader who is getting results in your business, that doesn’t mean you don’t need coaching. You may not like the way you’re getting results or find your methods unsustainable.
  • Learn to communicate the importance and the benefits of coaching to your stakeholders. Leadership affects the bottom line - the cost of bad leadership is high!
  • There are two types of leaders that Akua supports: 1. Firefighting Badass 2. Well-connected But Over-extended Founder. Listen to find out which one you are.
  • External vs. Internal coaching. Getting an external coach provides a different perspective and confidentiality.
  • Realize that what got you this far as a leader will not necessarily get you where you want to go. Coaching can help you up level.
  • Coaching gives leaders clarity on their blind spots and the support to do things in a way that feels good to them.
  • It’s not necessary for you to find a coach that has “walked in your shoes.” - Someone outside of our sphere can actually give you another point of view.
  • Find out the importance of communicating your coaching work with your team so they can help keep you accountable.

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