EP 14 // I Hate Asking For Help, You Probably Do Too

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The Open Door Conversations Podcast is your weekly opportunity to accept leadership support. Accepting help can be difficult, especially when we have to ask for it. It is natural for humans to prefer doing everything themselves and avoid the guilt and fear of delegating tasks to others. Akua sheds light on why we have trouble asking for help and provides ways to get the support we need.  

Leaders who feel overworked and burned out are often not delegating enough. This is completely normal and often the case with leaders who are passionate about their work. We must recognize how we feel about asking for help, learn to turn off the limiting beliefs that keep us from getting the help we need, and start using our incredible teams to shed the burden of work. This process will help invigorate your work, the work of your employees and eventually raise your bottom line.   

Limiting beliefs that hold us back from getting help:

  • “They can’t do it as well as me.”
  • “It’s easier or faster if I do it myself.”
  • “My employees don’t have the same commitment to quality as I do.”
  • “I need to be an expert before I ask someone else to do this.”
  • “I enjoy the work so I shouldn’t delegate it.”
  • “I don’t want to be a burden to my team.”

Resources Mentioned:
IG live: Top 4 Biases 
Blog Post: The Top 6 Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Successful Delegation


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