EP 18: Want to Make Better Decisions? Rest More

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Are you living for the weekends because it is your only time to rest? Maybe you can feel yourself burning out, yet you are still pushing yourself until your next scheduled vacation. Both of these behaviors lead to an unhealthy relationship with rest.  

In this episode, Akua walks you through the 7 different types of rest (yes, 7!) and examples of how you can practice them. As human beings, we should build rest into our daily schedules. By following Akua's strategies, looking inward, and possibly asking for help from others, getting the rest you need will be easier than you think. 

Highlights from the episode

  • How sleep and rest are different
  • The 7 types of rest from Dr. Dalton-Smith
  • Positive mental, physical, and spiritual effects of rest
  • Akua's framework for recognizing and implementing rest into your daily schedule 

Resources from the episode 

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Love this message from Akua!  

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