EP 08 // 5 Misconceptions about Leadership Coaching

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Thought partner, cheerleader, sounding board, devil’s advocate. Leadership coaches wear all of these hats and many more in order to support their clients in personal and professional life. However, leadership coaching, like most everything, can get clouded by faulty ideas or misunderstandings. Akua is here to expel 5 common misconceptions about leadership coaching and give examples of these errors from her years as an executive coach.

With Akua, leadership coaching concentrates on building up a client’s self-confidence and self-trust. In this episode, she will define who will benefit from coaching, explain the benefits coaching has over other learning techniques, and give the difference between coaching and mentoring. Akua’s executive coaching is professional and personal development that is truly customized to the client. She discusses her techniques, including setting goals, defining actions, and supporting leaders through the process so they can support themselves beyond coaching.

Highlights from the episode:

5 Misconceptions About Leadership Coaching - 

  1. Leadership coaching is all talk and no action
  2. Leadership coaching is only helpful for new leaders or terrible executives
  3. Leadership coaching is therapy
  4. Leadership coaching can be replaced by books or YouTube
  5. Leadership coaching isn’t for me because I won’t be able to change


What is Executive Coaching?

Different Types of Coaching

Akua's Coaching Journey

Introduction to Coaching


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