EP 93 // The Final Step to Leadership Success: Setting Expectations

Ep 93

This is the first in a mini-series of episodes that will be based on the final step in Akua's three-step leadership framework: setting expectations. Whether you call it expectation setting, goal setting, or utilizing frameworks like KPIs or OKRs, these episodes will transform the way you approach expectation-setting and communication.

Leaders and managers will learn the significance of expectations and their impact on leadership and how to set achievable and realistic goals for their team. Importantly, leaders will also learn the crucial step of communicating expectations to their team, which will cultivate a positive work environment and foster growth and success.

Akua also talks about how expectations help with setting boundaries, building more efficient processes, and facilitating ongoing evaluation and adaptation. Setting expectations ensures your team is equipped to succeed, and when employees know what is expected of them, they're more engaged and productive.  

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Highlights in this episode:

  • Learn the difference between explicit expectations (specific targets) and implicit expectations (things we've come to expect, assumptions based on bias or stereotypes).
  • Akua outlines four key elements to consider in relation to expectations: what you want, what you want from others, what they want, and what they want from you.¬†
  • It's hard to overstate the significance of¬†explicitly communicating expectations¬†to increase employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction.
  • Understand the role of expectations in establishing professional boundaries, setting goals, and fostering growth and direction.

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