Ep 88 // Storytelling for Engagement

Ep 88

Today, Akua talks about leveraging storytelling to connect and engage with your stakeholders, whether they're clients, team members, employees, or investors. 

Engaging with your team is one of the most important things you can do in your role as a leader. Telling stories can be a powerful tool in your engagement toolbox, helping to inspire, build rapport and align and reach goals with your team. Learn the three basic purposes for telling a story, tips on how to incorporate stories into your daily life, and how to know where and when to tell a story.

If you're not a natural storyteller, don't use stories in the workplace, or never thought about stories as a means of engagement, you'll want to check out this episode. 

Highlights in this episode:

  • Learn how stories can help align your team's goals, inspire, and build instant rapport with your team. 
  • When deciding on a story, think about your audience, how you want them to feel, and what you want them to know.
  • Keep your stories memorable and relevant.
  • Using storytelling is a great way to set the tone for a meeting or a retreat, and Akua talks about how she can support you in choosing and telling an engaging story.

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