Ep 86 // GROW your leadership by asking powerful questions

In order to coach others, you first have to be able to coach yourself. In this episode, Akua dives deeper into the engagement pillar of her three-step leadership framework. Engaging with yourself, also called self-regulation and management, is key to being able to support others as they explore their own areas of growth and boundaries. 

As a leader, you want to inspire your employees and motivate them to get their work done by making sure they are excited to come to work and problem-solve. While coaching is not always the right answer, using coaching tools and techniques can go a long way, starting with asking powerful questions.

Akua explains a popular coaching framework that can be used to help people set goals and create a plan of action. Finally, she shares things that held her back from leveraging coaching tools and techniques, which will surely resonate with leaders, managers, and founders in all industries.

Highlights in this episode: 

  • Learn the types of questions that lead to effective engagement with team members or employees.
  • Akua explains the GROW model, which stands for Goal, Reality, Options/opportunities, and Will.
  • Learn how the GROW model can help get your team thinking and open to possibilities. 
  • Akua talks about the power of pauses, open-ended questions, and reflecting on what YOU need in order to set yourself up for success as you engage with team members.

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