Ep 85 // Demystifying Executive Presence with Kelly Lynn Adams

Ep 85- Kelly Lynn Adams

Executive presence - all leaders want it, but not all know how to get it. Join Akua as she shares pieces of a recent conversation with Executive and Life Coach Kelly Lynn Adams. They talk about leadership, vulnerability and mindset, and how to regulate and manage your emotions to inspire confidence among your coworkers.

Conscious leaders like Kelly Lynn know that leadership starts from within. Kelly Lynn began her journey on Wall Street, climbing the corporate ladder for 18 years before starting coaching and speaking in 2009. Trauma-informed Kelly Lynn helps leaders, visionaries, founders, executives & entrepreneurs break through what is holding them back and elevate to the next level.

Kelly gives valuable perspective drawing from her experiences from both the entrepreneurial and corporate worlds on the topics of leadership, vulnerability, mindset, and how to embrace challenges as part of your personal development. Akua and Kelly Lynn also discuss the importance of developing self-awareness and resilience when dealing with difficult situations.

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What's Covered in this Episode About Executive Presence

  • Communication is key in building executive presence. 
  • The two debunk the myth that vulnerability equals weakness when it comes to leadership. And how to know WHEN to be vulnerable so that your competence and acumen aren’t questioned.
  • Kelly Lynn talks about embodiment and how it pertains to executive presence. This means how you communicate with your body language and whether what you say matches what you do.
  • Taking time to reflect on your wins, your why, and the value you add is important and should be built into your routine.

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Quotes from this Episode of Open Door Conversations

  • "Executive presence is about your ability to inspire confidence." - Kelly Lynn Adams
  • "Embodiment is so important because we can say something. And are we actually living it to the best of our ability, right? I don't believe in perfectionism and all of that, but it's like, are we doing the best with what we have know who we are being in the situation?" - Kelly Lynn Adams
  • "We get to take care of ourselves, right? And ask for support. And that's also executive presence, right? Everything touches everything, everything can affect everything." - Kelly Lynn Adams

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Get to Know this Episode's Guest

Instagram: @kellylynnadams
Website: www.KellyLynnAdams.com
LinkedIn: @kelly-lynn-adams
YouTube: @KellyLynnAdamsTV

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