EP 82 // Cultivating Self-Awareness


Pausing and reflecting is something all leaders should prioritize. That's why Akua is using today's episode as a recap of the last several weeks as she's talked about the first step in her leadership framework: cultivating self-awareness. Learn to understand better your strengths, weaknesses, interests, and preferences so you can be the most impactful leader possible.  

Founders, leaders, and managers will benefit from listening to all the episodes around self-awareness, but If you don't have time to go back, this is where you can catch up and be ready to move on to Akua's second step in her leadership framework: simplifying engagement.

Highlights in this episode: 

  • Your relationship with time and productivity really starts with your emotions and your feelings.
  • Creating boundaries around your time ensures your stakeholders can best utilize you. 
  • There is a common misconception that personalities are static - which is why Akua likes to think of personalities as an Operating System that evolves over time and needs periodic updating.
  • It's important that leaders communicate their way of operating (personality) to others. Here Akua refers to SOPs, also known as a "me manual".
  • To be an effective leader, leverage the four pillars of influence: power, emotions, acumen, and nonverbal signs or signals.

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