Can AI enable inclusion - or is it too late?

2023_Week 8 - Live
"AI is a tool…What is happening already with our tools, with these algorithms and with AI is that it is already based on a dominant identity group, and it's built by the dominant identity group…"

- Workplace Equity Strategist Olanike A. Mensah 

Last week, we had a wide-ranging conversation about AI with Workplace Equity Strategist Olanike A. Mensah.

(Listen to the entire conversation here)


We use artificial intelligence anytime we open our laptops or use phones.

Understanding the information and data, we are being shown and presented or how our data is used is important. 

AI is already used to make decisions that negatively impact people's lives.

From facial recognition (several participants recommended the documentary Coded Bias) to recruitment, AI is touted as an infallible shortcut.

But biased humans create and code AI.

[Listen to Marie Deveaux share her perspective on how to use AI to remind yourself to be more inclusive and open (14:16)]

[Calista Tucker shares her perspective as a recruiter on how application software used during the recruitment process can be problematic (20:29)]

What other resources, tools, and people should leaders follow or keep in mind to ensure they know how AI is being used and its impact? Comment below.

P.S. Listen to my latest podcast about creating space to reflect on these questions and issues. Click here to listen now.

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