EP 65 // #AskAkua - How Do I Stop Myself From Seeing Problems and Coming Up With New Ideas While I Focus on My Start up?

Ep 65

Many entrepreneurs are multi-passionate individuals who always have lots of new ideas. It can be hard to focus on just one thing, like your startup, business, or project at hand. Sounds familiar? 

In today's #AskAkua episode, Executive Leadership Coach Akua Nyame-Mensah answers a question she received via Twitter: How do I stop myself from seeing problems and coming up with new ideas while focusing on my startup?

This is an applicable question for any sector of business, whether you're a CEO, manager, or team leader. Learn how to recognize whether focusing on a problem serves you or if it's a symptom of overwhelm. You'll also learn the importance of managing your expectations and welcoming new ideas without letting them monopolize your attention. 

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Highlights  from the episode:

  • Most entrepreneurs struggle with seeing problems and wanting to fix them.
  • Remember: perfectionism is the enemy - a symptom of overwhelm.
  • Humans are naturally negative, but it is sometimes just a habit that can be broken.
  • It is important to recognize when things are going well and take time to celebrate and acknowledge your wins.
  • Learn some strategies for changing your negative perspective into positive thinking.
  • Many times our "problems" are a matter of perspective. Try reframing and ask yourself if focusing on this problem is serving you.
  • Recognize that your ability to "stop seeing problems" may not stop, but how you talk or communicate about the issue can shift.
  • If you have lots of ideas but want to focus, ask yourself, "Can I have many projects in development at once?" Everyone is different.
  • Feeling overwhelmed with ideas? Write them down, keep a notebook or use Evernote or OneNote for easy access later.
  • Be intentional about focusing only on the things that will help you attain your goals.
  • Realistic expectations are important. Be aware you may be setting your sights too high for the energy and time you have.
  • Look for external influences that could be hindering your ability to build better habits. (E.g., are you getting enough rest?)

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

Podcast episode 18: Want to Make Better Decisions? Rest More!

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