EP 25 // #AskAkua Leadership Lessons

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As an experienced leadership coach, Akua has plenty of experience and wisdom to share based on what she has learned and seen through coaching. Today Akua shares her top 5 resources for growing your business and leadership lessons she has learned along the way. Get ready to consider your biases, get out of your comfort zone, and value self-care. Akua will discuss this and more in today's episode.Ā 

No one is born an amazing leader; there are skills and lessons learned along the way that build incredible leaders. It's normal to feel overwhelmed if you are new to a leadership role or your role has changed or leveled up recently. Akua discusses the lessons that have been most influential to her growth as a leader. These lessons have helped her coach others to become more confident leaders that find their own success.Ā 

Highlights from the episode

  • Checking in with your triggers and biases
  • Learning to apologize and to forgive ourselvesĀ 
  • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable and strategies to help you do so
  • How to leverage your client's languageĀ 
  • How to create efficient proposal pages that benefit you and your clientĀ 
  • How to support your client so that they can see the gaps that need filling

Resources mentioned

Join the waitlist for Akua's Uplevel For Thought Leaders group coaching program!Ā Join Here
Blog Post:Ā Want a thriving coaching business? Forget everything you learned in your coach certification


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