EP 23 // Burnout - Better Leaders are not Stressed Out (Denial About Burnout)

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Today Akua dives deeper into a topic she has mentioned many times on the Open Door Conversation Podcast. This topic is a major problem among corporate companies, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Today Akua covers burnout; what is it, how we recognize it, and how we avoid it.  

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by extreme stress. When you lose the passion, excitement, and reasoning behind what you do, the effects of burnout become much more prevalent. As humans, we are not meant to work until we drop from exhaustion. We need rest, inspiration, and to set realistic goals and timelines for ourselves in our workday.  

Highlights from the episode:

  • What is burnout
  • Difference between burnout and stress 
  • The effects of burnout
  • Akua her 3 step process to identifying and overcoming burnout
  • Using mindfulness to control burnout 
  • Creating a supportive environment for your team and employees
  • Performing in a way that aligns with your values and lights you up 

"You often feel tired not because you've done too much but because you've done too little of what sparks a light in you" - Alexander Den Heijer, Nothing You Don't Already Know.

Resources mentioned:

Ep 18: Want to Make Better Decisions? Rest More


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