EP 09 // 3 Steps to Prioritize Better

Ep 09

Thank you for joining today’s #AskAkua episode! This conversation is all about time prioritization. Akua brings 2 brand new questions from listeners and shares her perspective and advice. If you have other ideas or advice in response to these questions, please share with Akua through social media or by commenting below to continue the conversation.

In her experience, leaders have had 2 problems with time: needing to save time or needing to create time. The questions today will encourage you to revisit and possibly rethink how you prioritize your time. Where do you place relationships when you think about productivity and prioritization? Where do you start when everything seems important? How do you make prioritization a natural part of your work routine? Akua reminds us that productivity is a result of how you feel about things and explains her answers to these questions in today’s episode.

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Highlights from the episode:

  • Prioritizing work deadlines and personal relationships
  • Analyzing the assumptions, we make in questions
  • Prioritizing when you are overwhelmed
  • Building the habit of prioritizing in your business
  • 3 basic things to consider when approaching prioritization
  • Recognizing it as a habit
  • Building structures and systems to support yourself
  • Practicing self-forgiveness ritual
  • What comes up for Akua when she creates new habits

Like Akua, things may come up when you start building new habits in life. What comes up for you when you try something different and build new habits? Let Akua know by reaching out via Instagram direct message.

She looks forward to hearing your perspective!

Resources from the episode:
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Previous episodes mentioned: EP 06 Self Worth + Self Love

Connect with Akua Nyame-Mensah:
Instagram: @akua_nm
Website: www.akuanm.com
LinkedIn: @Akua Nyame-Mensah
Twitter: @akua_nm


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