EP 06 // #Ask Akua // Self-Worth + Self-Love

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In this #AskAkua episode, Akua focuses on self-trust, self-worth, self-love, and self-advocacy. When you set high standards for yourself, it can be beneficial to remember that self-compassion is just as important to find growth and balance. Akua will answer 2 questions discussing how to show up in a sustainable way, how to define success and enoughness in your business, and how being too hard on yourself can affect your business.  

Akua shares her thoughts, gives specific examples of how she shows up in her business, and shows how defining a structure with variety has helped her throughout the past year. The definition of success will look different for each leader, each business, and each individual. In addition, that definition will even change throughout the growth of your business!  

Akua is here to remind you that you are remarkable, that practicing self-promotion is healthy and necessary, and that you will do your best work when you do what works best for you.  

Highlights from the episode:

  • What is the #IAmRemarkable workshop?
  • Self check-ins on your progress
  • Finding enoughness in your business
  • Measuring success in your business
  • Balancing high expectations with self-compassion

Quotes from Akua’s #IamRemarkable Workshop Participants:

“The session made me rediscover myself.”

“It felt good to know that I was not alone and that there are practical ways to go about changing my mindset around self-promotion.”  

“It was very engaging, and I wish there was more time.”

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Elizabet van Laar

Great podcast on such a precious topic!

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Akua Nyame-Mensah

Thank you so much  @Elizabet van Laar  !  I appreciate that you took the time to listen.

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Elizabet van Laar

You're welcome! I like your energy, enthusiasm, and insights.

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