Studying Human Design: What I Have Learned About Myself So Far

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I'm obsessed with learning. 

Actually, I am obsessed with applying new knowledge to my work and life.

Completing a professional coaching certification and gave me the language to communicate my goals and values. Being part of the #IamRemarkable community has allowed me to learn new approaches to assert myself and share the value I can provide to the world.  All the other programs, services, and courses I have invested in (you can see a more complete list here) have given me permission to evolve.

Though I have had the opportunity to become a practitioner of the world's most popular personality assessment and another cognitive ability assessment (I have also tried tons of other assessments), I was not satisfied. All of these assessments are based on selecting responses on a questionnaire.  I wanted to work with and learn a system that my clients could respond to and experiment with instead.

Human Design (HD) is that self-awareness tool.

I was introduced to HD by a random LinkedIn connection I now consider a friend.  I have been obsessed with diving deep into the tool and its mysterious origins.  Like with any tool, it has its pros and cons.  So far, I find the pros ultimately outweigh the cons.

These have been my top two ah-ha moments for me:

(1) My Multi-Passionate Nature

I love many things.

I love trying new things.

I love sharing new things I learn with others.

I have always been proud of my multi-hyphenate/ multi-passionate approach to work and life. 

To some, being multi-talented is seen as a problem.  Many 'successful' people frown at being a 'generalist,' but I am.  I tend to attract many leaders who feel like they were not good enough or that something is wrong with them because of their many interests and abilities.  I now know it is part of my design and look forward to continuing to celebrate my approach to work and life.

Rather than struggle to fit in and follow the status quo, HD can help you embrace what makes you unique so you can effectively use your energy and time.

(2) My Emotional Decision Making

There is not one single type (there are five basic overall designs in HD) in HD that uses their head (or mind) to make decisions - living your design is actually a lot about getting out of your head and trusting yourself.

I have always pushed back at people (especially men) that told me I was emotional - now I'm going to embrace it.  We ALL are emotional beings, and I appreciate how HD reminds us of that and also shows us the various ways we can make aligned decisions. 

Rather than resort to external expectations and logic, I try to tune into my emotions and energy.  The most significant learning so far has been that I don't need to make a decision right away.  I can take time to come to a conclusion and uses other resources to feel through an approach.

Though I am still very early in my HD journey, I have gained so much hyper-personalized insight into what could possibly allow me to perform at my highest level.  I enjoy experimenting and look forward to using HD with clients who are open to using a different approach to building stronger relationships with themselves and others.

There is no good or bad design.

Just like there is no one way to live your life or lead.


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