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Healthcare Facility Human Resources team looking to build and execute their  5-year organizational Culture Plan.  As a Stanford Seed Consultant, I work remotely as a business consultant focused on leadership, team engagement, change management, and organization development with Seed Transformation Network companies to develop customized and creative business solutions.



Nyaho Medical Centre


Elizabeth Arhin, Human Resource Director, reported:

"I had the pleasure of connecting with Akua through the Stanford Consultancy Program, where we collaborated on the task of developing a comprehensive 5-year organizational Culture Plan. 

Our aim was to devise strategies, outline relevant activities, and assign tasks that would ensure the success of the plan. Akua immediately impressed me with her commitment and support. 

Her time availability was commendable, she consistently held me accountable, and her [transparent] sharing of information fostered an engaging work atmosphere...

One of the many areas that significantly improved under Akua's guidance was the clarity around launching particular aspects of the plan. What I particularly enjoyed were her prompt responses, decisive actions, and strong organizational skills.

One remarkable trait about Akua that others should be aware of is her capacity to set SMART goals. Not only does she [expertly] set these goals, but she also possesses a comprehensive toolkit to assist in reaching them. This [unique] skill significantly facilitated our work process and added a structured dimension to our plan.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Akua. While it's beneficial to be focused on your vision, don't worry if there's a lack of clarity - Akua's great at helping to think through topics."


Another client I worked with through the program was a Performance Improvement Coordinator at a rapidly scaling technology company shared:

"I initially connected with Akua through LinkedIn, and our collaboration was further strengthened through the Stanford Consultancy Program. We sought her assistance in defining and promoting our company culture, including assessing the existing culture, providing improvement suggestions, and consolidating our mission, vision, values, and competencies into a comprehensive playbook.

Throughout the engagement, [Akua's expertise and organization] shone through. [She] effectively communicated [her knowledge] and consistently provided [informed feedback]. What truly set [her] apart was [her ability to bring a fresh perspective to concepts] and advocate for [a global standard approach]. [It was incredibly valuable] to gain new insights and elevate our understanding under [her] guidance.

One area where [Akua's support] made a significant impact was in organization and planning. [Her] structured approach ensured that our engagement progressed smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, [her talent for simplifying complex ideas] into easily digestible content was invaluable in facilitating understanding and implementation.

If you're considering Akua's services, I wholeheartedly recommend [her]. Not only is [she] an expert in [her] field, but [her relatability] is a standout quality. [Akua's talent for breaking down complex concepts into simple terms] makes [her] guidance accessible and actionable. Working with [her] has been transformative for our organization, and we are grateful for [her] expertise in helping us achieve our goals."

If you want a former executive leader turned change management advisor to support you with your culture and people-related challenges, please reach out. We always start our engagements with a rigorous strategy phase that results in a detailed implementation roadmap.

About the Advisor/ Consultant

Akua Nyame-Mensah knows what it takes to build a business and team from the ground up.  She is an external leadership consultant and facilitator for Fearless Guides (Formerly Unison Solutions), an organization focused on helping organizations to thrive, and CorporateDNA Consulting, a consulting firm focused on helping make 'leadership real' for some of the most prominent companies in the world. In addition to being a Stanford Seed Consultant, she advises companies through her work with Google Startups and Founders Institute.  Akua has an MBA and is an Association for Talent Development member.


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