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Case Studies - Difficult Conversations


Entrepreneurship Fellows are currently in the transformative stage, trying to build co-founding teams with strangers within a month.


Jasiri (Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies Program)


Jasiri brings potential founders (called fellows) from different workstreams, backgrounds, cultures, and personalities together. The fellows need to accelerate their ability to honestly and vulnerably connect to find compatible co-founders to launch a business within a short time frame. A big part of being able to explore potential co-founders successfully is being able to have constructive difficult conversations. Jasiri asked ANM & Co to design and deliver an actionable in-person 3-hour workshop session for 49 fellows.


A research-based, actionable, and engaging workshop that included a pre and post-assessment and session evaluation.

You can walk through the proposal and process here.

For my training, programs, and workshops, we go through a four-step process:

After the Kick-Off Call (Step 1), the core competencies were selected and confirmed through a series of interviews with previous fellows and relevant stakeholders. Instructional design techniques, including the ROPES Model, were used to design the session (Step 3). This model incorporates effective adult learning techniques. Scenario-based learning allows learners to consider a real-world problem and use their knowledge and skills to resolve it. The highly engaging sessions offered hands-on learning and relevant case studies so participants could see how to apply each of the tools provided (Step 4).  There was a post and pre-assessment used to capture the attitude, motivation, and level of awareness of the fellows. Finally, a session evaluation was shared to capture the ‘usefulness’ of the session and facilitation.

After the session

  • 90.9% Strongly Agreed the session was relevant to them

  • 93.9% Strongly Agreed that the content will be important to their success

  • 100% Strongly Agreed that they will use the concepts in their work

  • 97% Strongly Agreed that they would recommend the session to others

Fellows after the session reported:

Amazing to say the least!

Emotional intelligence covers it all

The session has been informative and great learnings

Very informative. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

The facilitator was quite energetic, eloquent and inspirational

It was eye opening

It's well done and very impactful

More time on this would be nice 🙂

Absolutely Fantastic Just No Words

It was a very informative session. I am more comfortable having difficult conversations now.

Thank You

Very eye opening. I loved especially the tools that we can use to engage in learning conversations and actively listen

It would have been interesting to discuss the impact of age in difficult conversations

Simply expressing my gratitude. Thank you kindly

It was a very helpful and informative session. The learnings can be applied to both my personal life and my career/business/venture.

It was a great session.

It helped me be honest with myself about how i approach most difficult conversations. It also gave me a new perspective (third person view) into my conversations.

It was well organized. It was enagaging. I like the design. I would be happy if Akua comes back with a different lesson for us.

This session was 100% needed, these are things we don’t even know we need until we learn them.

It was amazing and you should definitely share the slides with us as well…

I think we need more of this cause it will help me further. Communication is a core problem to a lot of people.


If you are interested in having a research-based and highly engaging training to fuel growth, reach out to learn more about my approach.  We always start with a needs assessment and identify the key goals you want to achieve as an organization or department.

About the Facilitator

Akua Nyame-Mensah creates sticky learning experiences.  She is an external member of Google’s Mastery Faculty, a selective group of facilitators committed to creating live magical learning experiences in-person or virtually.  She is also a #IAmRemarkable Platinum Tier Facilitator and an Association for Talent Development member.  Leaders around the world have attended her practical and actionable training and workshops.  All her content and support are based on her three-step leadership system that makes leadership easy.


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